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Plant Protein+

Customer Reviews

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Iris Adelia Dickerson Logan
Awesome Products!

I love all the products I have tried on NB Pure! The Plant Protein blends smoothly, has no metallic taste or after taste. I have been searching for a good protein mix since Juice Plus changed their formula. This product has enough protein to satisfy my cravings and help replenish my muscles after my workouts. I also use the Daily Multi Fiber, Liver Fend and Mag07.

Rupert Ortiz
I'm quite impressed

I'm not new to supplements, nor all the distrust that some of the less honest industry has earned. This is why I'm taking the time to write this review. This product scores super high for me in multiple categories.Quality- the quality is top notch.Usability- the taste is good, it dissolves perfectly which gives a flexibility beyond just a shake. Great in oatmeal! No funky aftertaste.Sustainability- One of my pet peeves is when you buy a product only to open it and find the container only a fraction full. There's a lame statement that says "contents may settle blah blah" It's BS. Well, this container came full! Thank you NBPURE! Also, the power is so fine, it's almost like powdered sugar. So, when you give a good scoop it's a GOOD scoop!I always like to "date" a product before I "marry" it. Been using for weeks not and my next order will be a subscription. Just saying...

Joseph Hunter

Love this stuff!

Duduzile Marshall

Have used it for years.

Wafa D’Alia
vegan, taste, ingrediants and price

outFinally a good healthy vegan protein that actually taste like vanilla. Most that I bought taste like coconut.

Plant Protein+ FAQ

The answer is it depends. While whey has an excellent amino acid profile, peas also have all essential amino acids and may be just as effective at building lean body mass and muscle. Peas also generally have less fat and cholesterol while being more nutrient-dense and environmentally friendly than whey.

There are many great options. We believe peas are one of the best choices because they contain all 9 essential amino acids in higher amounts than other plant-based or vegan options. We also like Chia, which delivers even more protein while delivering superfood nutrients.

It contains 300 mg of sodium per serving. While others may be lower, ours balances its sodium with other electrolytes. If sodium is an issue, ask your healthcare provider before starting any supplement.

While whole-food plants like soy and beans can cause gas due to high fiber, our pea protein isolate and chia seed fiber are unlikely to cause gas or bloating. However, excessive consumption of anything can cause gas, which is why we make sure our servings are properly portioned!

Supplements can help you meet your nutrient needs during pregnancy, particularly if you are vegan, vegetarian, or experiencing nausea preventing you from eating. Kids will also love it and benefit from it! If you have any questions, please contact your healthcare provider.