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Digestive Enzyme Complex

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Travel Buddy

We love our NB Pure enzymes! We don’t take before every meal, but the meals we know we might need a little help digesting or when traveling and eating out, it’s a great companion! Keeps everything enjoyable and functioning. Also on those few occasions that I have had digestion issues after a meal when I haven’t taken an enzyme, I just pop an enzyme and it definitely helps break down the food. I keep them with me at all times. Having the probiotics included is just an added bonus!

Quick Cleanse

The taste is almost pleasant so it's easy to down a spoonful mixed in a glass of water

Digestive Enzyme Complex FAQ

Digestive enzymes are naturally occurring substances heavily utilized in the upper GI, particularly the stomach. There, digestive enzymes help break down macronutrients and hard to digest foods into smaller building blocks, to allow the body resources for energy and growth.

Great supplements support hard to digest foods like legumes, milk, soy, and grains. They also help break down a wide variety of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, dairy, and cellulose. They must work in the full pH range of the digestive tract and should be plant-based and vegan friendly!

The gallbladder’s purpose is to store bile from the liver and release it to help digest fats. If you’ve had your gallbladder removed, you may be able to aid fat digestion using supplements with lipase like DEC. However, ask your healthcare provider about which supplements are most appropriate.

Bloating and gas are a natural process of digestion, particularly if you are eating enough healthy, fermentable fibers. However, relieving indigestion, or supporting food intolerances may be a part of a solution to reduce bloating and gas.

We suggest taking it before every meal. It may begin working within five to ten minutes when taken on an empty stomach.

Our plant-based digestive enzyme complex is formulated to survive in the diverse pH range of the digestive tract (3 to 9). They should be fine with stomach acid and can be taken before meals.

digestive enzyme complex isn’t intended to prevent or treat any health issue, but improperly digested foods may lead to acid reflux, diarrhea, or constipation. Digestive enzymes will not lower your weight, but can be a part of a healthy routine of getting the most from the foods you eat.