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MagO7: Gut & Digestive Cleanse


MagO7 is a gut cleanse and colon cleanse for the digestive system that cleans your stomach and intestines naturally. This oxygen-based dietary supplement provides a safe and effective, whole-body cleanse that helps remove toxins inside your stomach and colon.

MagO7 balances your gut microbiome and encourages proper intestinal health by acting as a multi-part digestive cleanse. MagO7 starts working on day one, and it is safe to continue your gut cleanse and natural colon cleanse for up to ten days to maintain gut health.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Mag07 Pill: Magnesium (MOXiO3), Potassium Citrate, Certified Organic Rice Flour, Citric Acid & Vegetable Cellulose Capsules. Mag07 Powder: Magnesium (MOXiO3), Potassium Citrate, Citric Acid MOXiO3™ is a proprietary process and blend of magnesium oxides standardized for oxygen content. MOXiO3™ is a registered Trademark of IP Reserve, LLC. Mago7 is produced in an FDA (food and drug administration) regulated facility to ensure quality. Certified vegan product. Non-GMO product. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews: 15,125 ratings, 4.8 average rating.

Ash  5/3/2021  mago7-review

Honestly, the best product if you need to flush your body. No cramps.

Keia 4/23/2021  mago7-review

It does exactly whats it's supposed to do! Take at night on an empty stomach w/ plenty of water and you'll be running to the bathroom like clockwork the next morning.

C. Anderson 4/23/2021  mago7-review

This product has cured my constipation when nothing else has. I take two of these every night, and go to the bathroom multiple times the next day when I used to go a week without going. Never painful either, just gives you the urge. Highly, highly recommend!

Anonymous 4/6/2021  mago7-review

I love this product. I take up to 3 depending on how backed up I feel. Shake before bed and almost first thing in morning I do my thang and then that is it for the day (especially if I take 1 or 2.. sometimes like half an hour later there is a sequel if I take 3). No cramping, just a bit of bubbly in morning if I take 3. I have tried laxatives and other magnesium this is so much better. I misplaced the bottle and got another product from a natural store and it wasn't the same - some cramping and discomfort after even just 1 pill and no idea when it would kick in. I love being able to know when it will work and not feeling like crap when I use it. I still have almost a full bottle of the other stuff but I just ordered a new bottle of this because it's the best.

Amy B. 5/4/2021 mago7-review

This is a SERIOUS cleansing supplement. Be prepared to poop a lot. drink lots & lots of water to avoid intestinal discomfort. Consider taking a lower dose to start as 3 pills a day will feel like you are prepping for a colonoscopy if you have a decent amount of sludge in your gut (as most of us do) . I lowered my dose to 2 pills a day as I ain’t got time to be on the toilet multiple times all morning! This is a good supplement to take along with a juice or smoothie cleanse to really get your gut cleaned out & healthy so you can lose weight, reduce inflammation & boost your immune system. It all starts with getting your gut healthy! JJ Smith has a really good book - green smoothie - recommending smoothies at breakfast & lunch & a healthy high protein/lower carb dinner.

Maltese 4/6/2021  mago7-review

MagO7 is my solution to medication induced constipation. It does take a bit of trial and error to figure out the correct dosage. A higher dose will result in a cleanse situation whereas a lower dose will just keep one regular. This is so much better than a laxative that just irritates the bowel lining.

Delrease Francis 4/5/2021  mago7-review

This mag07 pills is the bum. When buoy drink them every night it give you the detox you’re body is looking for. It really works and this is my third bottle.

C. Moore 3/28/2021  mago7-review

This product really works. I take it every night at bedtime to help me digest unwanted waste. If you’re beginning a weight loss journey or just want to detox your body. This will certainly help.

Jennifer 5/16/2020  mago7-review

Looooovvveee Mag07!!!!! These are great. Good detox without any cramping, which is awesome. I take 3 pills at night, and it’s true, everything is ready to leave your body the next morning... And did I mention that there is NNNOOOOOO CRAMPING.... They also help me with bloating

Smookboopie 5/9/2020  mago7-review

This product is all that and more! This is the best way to help detox/cleanse your body for weightloss.