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Vitamin D3

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Brenda Oberthier
Great choice

It’s easy on my stomach and to digest. Not too sweet and taste good! Also am glad there is no preservatives in it.

Diana Kirigwajjo
Sunshine in my pocket

I use this easily absorbable Vitamin D3 spray because this winter was long getting your daily dose of Vit D is so important. Vit D has so many health benefits and this perfect little spray is so easy to use, offers incredible absorption and over all makes me feel so good!!!! It also supports a healthy Immune system!! Oh yeah, it tastes great!!!!

Shaun Mkhabela
Great daily supplement

I feel better after using it.

Yvette Modiba
we like this VIT D spray!

my husband sprays this in his mouth everyday and says it tastes so good considering it vitamins! full of VIT D which everyone has been raving about to boost immunity esp during this crazy time! he can't really tell a difference but one thig we know for sure is he doesn't get sick or a cold as easily.. but can't really pinpoint if it's the VIT D that's been helping him though!

Philip Kyambadde
Easy and convenient way to get vitamins

It's an easy way to consume vitamins. Taste is OK. No ill effects to report.Recommend for gray winter days

Vitamin D3 Spray FAQ

A deficiency can build up over time, often unnoticed. When deficiency symptoms present, they may not be obvious. When you are deficient in, you may notice mood changes, bone loss, muscle weakness, bone/joint pain, and even fatigue. No matter where you live or what you eat, you may be at risk for deficiency, especially if you have a digestive issue that prevents absorption.

Getting enough plays an important role in helping to keep you healthy. While it’s true that deficiency is the biggest potential issue, deficiency isn’t always obvious and can affect anyone. Diseases resulting from deficiency include heart disease, diabetes, infections, and falls in older people.

Congratulations on getting outside for natural sunlight. It’s true that D3 is produced naturally when sunlight hits the skin, it’s important to balance D3 production with unwanted exposure to harmful UV radiation. We recommend a compromise, D3 supplementation and thoughtful sunlight exposure complemented by protective clothing and sunblock.

While it’s true it may be an effective and inexpensive way to support your immune system during illness season, D3 isn’t just used for boosting immunity. Deficiency can occur at any time and build slowly over time, making D3 a good choice for supporting wellness all year round.

While there isn’t much evidence that spray is the best delivery method, there is some research that suggests you may absorb sprays more effectively. But the spray is really for convenience. Just 1 spray every day and you are done. Perfect for kids or people who already take a lot of pills and are prone to deficiencies!