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Power Down

Power Down Sleep Supplement FAQ

The national sleep association estimates that 3 in 5 Americans experience at least some trouble sleeping during the week. While good sleep hygiene may ultimately be the best solution, natural aids, especially those without melatonin, may be safe and effective daily solutions.

It’s tough to say definitively what the most effective supplements are. Power down uses select botanicals, vitamins, and minerals with a long history of use and modern research. We favor powerful adaptogens, GABA boosters, and calming natural sedatives.

The answer is, it depends. Interactions between drugs and supplements are complicated and specific to individuals. While it’s not recommended to take a supplement with contraindicated medication, only your healthcare provider can tell you if any specific supplements or medicines are right for you.

In the long term, you should focus on a routine involving better sleep hygiene in addition to natural supplements. While talking to your healthcare provider is best before starting any routine, power down should be safe and effective for daily use.

Unlike aids with melatonin, power down should not make you drowsy. This is one of the main reasons we made power down! We believe that you should feel refreshed and restored the next day, not tired!