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Earthy Andy Plant Powered Protein

Customer Reviews

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Brittney Thueson

My kids and I love this protein powder!

Denise Hernandez
Great flavor

I typically don’t like vanilla flavor but I really like this one. I use it every day in smoothies and it makes them taste great!

Earthy Andy’s Protein powder

Love it. Especially being celiac. It’s so easy on your stomach and I love that it’s powdery light and mixes great in water!

Best Taste

This is by far the best tasting protein powder that I've ever had and I will never go back to another one! No chalky texture either! It's hard to believe it's healthy it tastes so good. Thank you Earthy Andy!

Andrew Davis
Good but…

I love that this has clean, simple ingredients, and is easy to digest. I bought this to mix in with fruit smoothies but I’m finding that the taste of the powder overpowers the taste of all the fruits completely. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad taste, but it still makes the overall experience less enjoyable so I just drink the protein powder by itself now.

Earthy Andy Plant Powered Protein FAQ

The answer is it depends. While whey has an excellent amino acid profile, peas also have all essential amino acids and may be just as effective at building lean body mass and muscle. Peas also generally have less fat and cholesterol while being more nutrient-dense and environmentally friendly than whey.

There are many great options. We believe peas are one of the best choices because they contain all 9 essential amino acids in higher amounts than other plant-based or vegan options. We also like Chia, which delivers even more protein while delivering superfood nutrients.

It contains 300 mg of sodium per serving. While others may be lower, ours balances its sodium with other electrolytes. If sodium is an issue, ask your healthcare provider before starting any supplement.

While whole-food plants like soy and beans can cause gas due to high fiber, our pea protein isolate and chia seed fiber are unlikely to cause gas or bloating. However, excessive consumption of anything can cause gas, which is why we make sure our servings are properly portioned!

We used North American grown and processed Yellow peas. Peas are rare amongst plant-based options, containing all 9 essential amino acids and 3 BCAAs. Compared to green peas, yellow peas have less starch and aren’t as sweet tasting. Yellow peas also have more iron and magnesium than green peas.

Supplements can help you meet your nutrient needs during pregnancy, particularly if you are vegan, vegetarian, or experiencing nausea preventing you from eating. Kids will also love and benefit from it! If you have any questions, please contact your healthcare provider.

Our raw ingredients and finished product are rigorously tested for contaminants including heavy metals. Because of toxins like heavy metals, we only use peas grown and processed in North America. Peas that are grown and processed in other parts of the world may be heavily supported by chemicals and processed with solvents that may leave behind heavy metals. We only use trusted, well-regulated peas.

Everyone is unique and everyone’s health situation is different. For many people, adding supplements in place of higher calorie, less nutritious food is a great idea anytime of the day. In the morning will help keep you full into the day. After a workout can help supply crucial nutrients to rebuild muscles and burn fat. And finally, before bed may even help you sleep better!