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Earthy Andy Methyl B-12 Lava Flow

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Riley Forester

Earthy Andy Methyl B-12 Lava Flow

Stacy Hudgins

My kids and I LOVE this product! It tastes AMAZING, and I love that my kids are eager to take it! Good flavor & supporting our bodies… what more could we want! I will definitely be buying this for many years to come!

Pearl Nash
Earthy Andy Methyl B-12 Lava Flow,

Love it! Tastes great!

Megan Kreuz

Love this spray! B-12 can be messy as a dropper. The spray makes it so much easier to use and the flavor is super yum.

Loving it!

Earthy Andys B12 is so yummy and you only need 1 spray! It definitely is one of my favorite morning rituals these days.

Earthy Andy Methyl B-12 Lava Flow FAQ

methylcobalamin is the most bioavailable form of B-12. Cyanocobalamin is another form of vitamin B-12 that must be heavily converted by your body. Often cyanocobalamin is used in supplements because it is cheaper and easier to manufacture.

It’s true that if you have sufficient levels of B-12, then you may not notice an increase in natural energy from a B-12 supplement. However, as plant-based living becomes more popular, modern processed food becomes less nutritious, and digestive issues become more common, the likelihood for deficiency rises. Those with even a modest B-12 deficiency are likely to notice a big improvement in energy.

While it's true that B-12 is especially important for vegans, it’s not just for them. B-12 is involved in many processes throughout and there are a variety of ways to become deficient. The most common is through digestive issues that block absorption and that can affect anyone and build up unnoticed deficiencies over time.

Deficiencies can build up over time and may take just as long to resolve. As diets and bodies change, it may make deficiency more likely. In order to be most proactive, consider using a supplement!

Yes, you can take methyl B-12 daily as part of a regular wellness routine. It’s important to realize that just as deficiencies can build up over time, it may also take time to relieve deficiencies. The best way to understand your need is to have a healthcare provider monitor your levels