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zinc spray
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Zinc Up with Vitamin C Spray


Vitamin C and Zinc are known to have many health benefits individually, and together, they are proven to aid the immune system, protect against the common cold, and even help heal wounds. Instead of taking zinc for colds separate from your vitamin C supplement for your immune system, combine them together with the Zinc Up with Vitamin C spray and give your body the full power of these important nutrients. Plus, our zinc spray with vitamin C tastes great thanks to its fun, organic fruit punch flavor.

Vitamin C, Zinc, OTHER INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Fruit Punch Flavor.

Blueberry Smiles October 12, 2020  zinc and vitamin c

I love how convenient this zinc spray is. It’s compact enough for me to fit it right inside my purse and take it with me on the go. It’s so easy to take. Five sprays is all that is needed. It helps to have more of a piece of mind during these trying times.

Bjjoggs August 22, 2020 vitamin c with zinc

First, let me say the taste of Aerobic Life Zinc Up is pleasant. It is so pleasant that kids will take it. I was worried before I spray in my mouth. But pleasantly surprised. What I also like that it is made without preservatives, it is vegan and gluten-free. I love that it is a spray and not a capsule. It will absorb so much easier. I just will take this once a day. However, I will be doing 10 sprays to get enough zinc for me. It contains 5mg of Zinc. I will be using it twice a day. Love the spray and not drinking the liquid. The company states to shake well before use. Pump 5 sprays in to mouth and swallow. Use up to 3-5 times a day.

Victoria Moore August 21, 2020 zinc with vitamin c

For years now I have lived by the philosophy that if you even think you might be getting sick to zinc up! I normally take lozenges but the problem is that after the second one I can no longer taste anything and they take a long time to dissolve. Don't get me wrong, I still take them, they still work wonders to shorten a cold and moderate the symptoms so they are much milder. and therefore are worth the taste lost, but I'm glad to have other options too. This is a powerful zinc spray that works quickly and tastes pretty good too! My mouth still has that zinc aftertaste so I know that it is potent stuff, and it has a little bit of a bite, but it's worth it for good health. Keep it on hand always and take it regularly!

Midwest Midlife October 8, 2020 vitamin c and zinc

This is not something I will be taking everyday, but I ordered this to keep in my "intensive" care supplies, in case I start to feel like I am coming down with something. The fact that it is a spray is a huge bonus for me, if I have a sore throat I can spray this directly on the area. I like keeping various forms of zinc on hand, basically lozenges and this spray. I don't like the nasal sprays because they can affect my sense of smell. This has zinc and vitamin c, two very powerful weapons when your body starts fighting off a cold, flu, virus, etc.

Karen October 29, 2020  zinc spray

A fast convenient way to get your zinc. The flavor isn't the best, and it definitely has a little after taste, but it's still better than getting sick.

F. Todd August 16, 2020 zinc for immunity

Flavor is pretty intense. Strong tart, bitter fruit punch. BUT it doesn't linger and is palatable. All in the name of ZINC!!! Spray nozzle functioned nicely in an inbetween spray/mist.

KDST August 27, 2020 zinc for cold

So simple -- just a few spritzes in the mouth followed with some water (or other fluid) afterwards. This product directs using a max of 5 sprays each use and taken up to five times a day (I am using less -- we only need trace amounts of zinc!) The zinc gluconate in this product is soluble, easier on the stomach and in a form our bodies can better absorb. Not all zinc supplements are made equal. This product contains 5mg of zinc gluconate (when taken as directed). This product makes taking zinc easy-peasy -- no capsules to swallow (or tablets to chew). This tastes fairly good and leaves no aftertaste.

I researched zinc further and discovered (paraphrased -- *not* copy & pasted) that our bodies do not produce zinc so it must be received from our diet. Zinc is needed for our immune system, our vision and even protein synthesis. Zinc assists also with our sense of taste and smell. Zinc is an essential mineral required for over 100 chemical reactions in our bodies. A lack of Zinc can cause poor immunity, decreased bone mass, inhibited growth, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, pale skin, and fatigue. Some studies even indicate that a lack of zinc can lead to cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. (I used several sources for this information).

Cons: none unless you take too much which can cause gastrointestinal distress. Take as directed!

Meow September 10, 2020 zinc with vitamin c

Love them bc you can spray directly on the back of the throat, so when your gettin that " somethins up feelin" you can hit it directly.. be happier if it was 3rd party gmp etc.. But it seems legit.. just ascirbic acid C and zinc.... now, just like Lozenges, eat first, bc it will weird out your taste buds the next few hours!.. also, while the taste is ok, if you hit tongue just the right way, its sour lol.. Zinc is great, but best to use larger doses on occasion, not all the time, it hasta be balanced with copper, and too much too often isnt good, so i will take 5-15 mg daily, But if feelin off, i will take 50-100 for a few days..