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Methyl Folate

Methyl Folate Spray FAQ

Folate is the naturally occurring form of vitamin B9. Your body converts folate into its most active form: 5-MTHF l-methylfolate. Folic acid is a synthetic form of vitamin B9 that must be heavily converted by your body. Often you will not metabolize it all, and it may build up in your bloodstream.

In general, there isn’t a reason to take multiple sources of vitamin B9 past the recommended daily amount. However, there may be benefits to switching to a more absorbable form of B-9. Talk to your healthcare provider about which form of vitamin B-9 is right for you.

No, but both are B Vitamins! And both are used in the metabolism of homocysteine and may contribute to stress relief. It’s also important to get the ‘methylated’ active forms of B-9 and B-12 as the MTHFR gene mutation may affect metabolism of both B-9 and B-12

Yes, you can take methyl folate daily as part of a regular wellness routine. It’s important to realize that just as deficiencies can build up over time, it may also take time to relieve deficiencies. The best way to understand your need is to have a healthcare provider monitor your levels

While it's true that B9 is especially important for pregnant women and fetal development, it’s not just a pregnancy supplement. B-9 is involved in many processes throughout and there are a variety of ways to become deficient. The most common is through digestive issues that block absorption and that can affect anyone and build up unnoticed deficiencies over time.