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Natural Liver Detox
Liver detox
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Liver Fend: Natural Liver Detox and Cleanse with Milk Thistle Extract

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Liver Fend is a comprehensive liver detox cleanse program designed to help rid your body of toxins to promote better nutrient absorption!

It's a must-have for anyone on a cleanse diet or simply to help meet your health and wellness goals.

Product Details

Your liver works day and night to help your body stay healthy. Liver Fend uses a proprietary blend of natural herbs and remedies to detox your body, flush your liver, and cleanse toxins from your body. Milk thistle extract like Liver Fend can ensure your liver has the support it needs to keep doing its job.


Your liver is one of the hardest-working organs in your body. Every time you eat a meal or snack, your liver produces bile and supports healthy digestion. When the liver is healthy, it also works as a filter to detoxify your body of harmful substances.


Your liver is the body’s cleaning crew, cleansing your body of all the toxins in your environment—everything from the food you eat to the air you breathe. But all of the everyday stress that affects you can also affect your liver, causing it to do a less-than-optimal job cleaning your system.


Many health experts suggest “listening to your body,” but how do youknow what it’s saying? What are some common signs that your liver is not functioning correctly? Your body’s liver works as a filter, so many normal functions are affected when that filter gets clogged. More than just tummy troubles, an overworked liver will start to affect the whole body, causing you to suffer from:

  • Itching, swelling
  • Acne and other and skin problems
  • Nausea and digestion troubles
  • Bloating and gas
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Decreased immunity and poor ability to fight off colds and flu
  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Heartburn and acid reflux
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Allergies
  • Yellowed skin or jaundice
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Poor sleep

By detoxing the liver with an all-natural, organic dietary supplement like Liver Fend, you will refresh your liver naturally and help restore liver function within days. Supporting your liver with a liver detox supplement is as easy as taking three capsules of Liver Fend a day.


With plenty of liver detox pills on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Check the ingredients. Liver Fend is a natural liver detox and cleanse, made with milk thistle extract and all-natural, certified organic ingredients. Every ingredient that goes into our liver detox pills is carefully selected to ensure that it won’t carry any toxins into the body. We also ensure that people with specific dietary needs or allergies will be able to reap the benefitsof our liver cleanse without any adverse reactions, so Liver Fend is vegan certified and gluten-free. Our liver detox supplement will give your body and your liver the best results possible.


Milk thistle extract has been known for years to provide incredible benefits to the body. It is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which means that it can help reduce liver inflammation and systemic inflammation throughout the body caused by the harmful toxins that invade our bodies every day through food, prescriptions, and the environment.


The milk thistle extract in Liver Fend offers you an all-natural liver cleanse, ensuring you’re not inadvertently adding harmful ingredients to the body when detoxing the liver. Choose Liver Fend with its proprietary blend of herbs and extracts to ensure you’re protecting your liver while it’s protecting you.


Milk thistle extract is the star of our proprietary blend, but it isn’t the only liver cleansing herb we’ve added to our liver detox supplement. Here are a few others that not only detoxify the liver but also provide fiber benefits for your body too:

  • Uva ursi leaf extract contains an ingredient known to help protect the liver from infections, over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol, bleeding from injuries, and more.
  • Yellow dock root extract contains tannins, minerals, inulin, and anthraquinones that assist in liver detoxification while supporting good bacteria in the gut.
  • Dandelion root extract contains polysaccharides that can improve liver function and digestion, removing toxins from the body more efficiently.

You will also find astragalus root extract, juniper berry powder, chanca piedra powder, picrorhiza kurroa powder, and alpha-lipoic acid in our liver detox supplement. These natural herbs work with the body to flush toxins from your body and restore optimal liver function.


Liver Fend is great at

  • Rejuvenating your liver functions.*
  • Ridding your body of toxins.*
  • After finishing a regimen of over-the-counter or prescription medication.*
  • * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

    * This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Customers who have used Liver Fend have shared the results of their liver detox with this all-natural product:

  • Balanced appetite and mood
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Relief from constipation
  • No cramping, just a gentle and smooth process
  • Healed, glowing skin
  • Optimal wellness

Shop our Natural Liver Detox and Cleanse with Milk Thistle Extract: Liver Fend today and use the best liver detox on the market to optimize your liver function and live a healthy, energetic life.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Sourcing natural, pure ingredients is the cornerstone of what we do at NB Pure. Our goal has always been to craft products that you can trust, and that’s why we never settle for anything less than the very best. That means using high-quality, all-natural, bioavailable ingredients and keeping our formulas free of binders, fillers, and excipients, so that our unique blends use ingredient formulas that work well together and are kind to the body.

  • Vitamin c
  • Biotin
  • Calcium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Proprietary blend: milk thistle extract (standardized to 80% silymarin)
  • Uva ursi leaf extract
  • Dandelion root extract
  • Yellow dock root extract
  • Astragalus root extract
  • Juniper berry powder
  • Chanca piedra powder
  • Picrorhiza kurroa powder

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.8/5 Rating. 142 Reviews




My mom has used it and now my uncle. Aerobic Life/NBPure is a brand that is now part of our family. LiverFend helped my mom regain her apetite and energy. She's like a new person! I personally use MagO7 another one of their products and live by it!


Britta Vatsaas


LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I’ve been looking for a good liver cleanse for a long time and finally came across this that was referred from a doctor friend and it’s worked great. Everyone should be taking this our liver is SO IMPORTANT! Plus I like to drink wine:)




I started on this journey of cleaning my liver because JJ Smith and her product “Liver Focus”. When I searched Prime for “Liver Focus”, “Liver Fend” came up at the top of the product list. When I read the label of “Fend”, it was the same ingredients...and you get the same flushing as “Focus”!!🙌❤️ And with Prime, “Fend” is much easier to get, and a few dollars less. This is not to take anything away from “Focus”...”Fend” is just as good, easier to get, and a lil cheaper😉.


Karen Burgardt


I have been a fan of Aerobic Life/NBPure products for over 20 years. I stumbled upon this product and decided to try it based on my love of their colon cleanse product (Mag 07). I can honestly say that Liver Fend was the one thing I've been missing. I feel energized and healthy. The macro-nutrients that I've apparently been lacking have made a huge difference in my body. Highly recommend!!!


Pia Vasconi


This product is a great cleanse. I take it when I am needing a good cleanse, and feeling a little sluggish. It has no flavor, and they are regular sized capsule, so they are easy to take. I recommend this product to anyone experiencing constipation, or just needing a “re-fresh” to their system. The best part about this product is, it does not cause cramping like other laxatives. This does not make you feel like you will “lose yourself” if you will. It gives you a distinct feeling of “needing to go” and then it is a smooth process when using the bathroom.