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Total Body Cleanse

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Taste good unlike straight psyllium husk fiber which is sometimes hard to finish a glass full.

Esse Ayomide
😔Totally disappointed😔

My husband and i started using the product yesterday for the first time. Admittedly I started feeling really weird inside my body. My husband read the ingredients and come to find out one of the ingredients am highly allergic to. Luckily am a type of person that I have a great collection of different types of cold medicine and so on. Having kid's and a husband you need to be on top of everything. I ended up having to take benadryl and ended up using my EpiPen. Thank's god I had these to medication around because I would of been in the hospital. I used they other products and not get sick. My husband is going to continue to use it because he's not allergic to anything so far. I should have been on my P's&Q's before buy it or consuming it.

Laverna Weber

Good product

Jeremy James


Sheetal Ramkissoon
Natural herbal cleanse to purify the colon, cleanse the liver and blood

This herbal powder includes ingredients to help clear toxins, parasites, and pathogens from your body. It is spicy and strong so be prepared for things to start moving. The ingredients are natural and free of any fillers, and the powder is easy to mix in water or a beverage. This is a quality formula as it includes key herbs like garlic, licorice, black walnut hull, clove, dandelion, and yellow dock that will support the liver and colon to eliminate whatever toxins are released.

Total Body Cleanse FAQ

The process of detoxification, which is vital to removing harmful substances from your body, spans multiple organs including the skin, digestive tract, lymphs, kidneys, and liver. Certain supplements may help support the healthy structure and function of these important organs and their interconnected processes.

Everyone’s health is unique and every supplement is different. We don’t like cleanses based on radical diets, juices, teas, or stimulatory herbs. To us, supporting liver detox and function is critical. Then we try to work inside out from the liver to the skin with only natural antioxidant-rich botanicals.

Some people cleanse as needed when they feel unwanted symptoms. This product is a superfood-based cleanse that may be taken daily. However, everyone’s health journey is unique. It’s important to ask your healthcare provider about whether long term use of any supplement is right for you!

The product is not designed to rid the body of any specific substance. Total body cleanse won’t affect substances stored in fat cells like THC. Toxins processed by the liver, digestive system, and other major detox organs may find structural and functional support from the botanicals in this product!

There isn’t one way to cleanse correctly. We recommend complementing cleanses with a diet high in nutrients and antioxidants! Some of our favorite foods include leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, fatty fish, garlic, nuts, turmeric, olive oil, avocados, citrus, and berries!

Spirulina is featured prominently in our proprietary superfood blend coming at 5.5g total. However it’s not the only ingredient. Psyllium Husk, Dandelion, Licorice, Yellow Dock add a variety of antioxidants and active ingredients beyond Spirulina alone.

It’s true that this product includes herbs and spices like onion, licorice, clove, and garlic that give it a strong taste. We recommend vigorously mixing the product with water and consuming it quickly. For best results, use enough water or experiment with different vegetable and fruit juices.

As with people over 65, or those with heart, liver, or kidney disease, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or under 18. Everyone’s health is unique. Total body cleanse ingredients have been used safely for years and your healthcare provider can best evaluate its use for you.