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Top 5 Fall Favorite Health and Wellness Products

  • 2 min read

We're just going to address the elephant in the room right away...This list is all things Fall, but we're not going to include anything PSL. Chances are you've already got a list somewhere that includes pumpkin spiced lattes.

We'll be setting our sights on other fall-savvy products that don't have 330 calories because this is a rundown of health and wellness products after all. But hey, you do you. Everyone deserves a little cup of self-love now and then!

1) Mag07 Oxygenating Cleanse and Detox
If you've seen this product  on other shortlists throughout the year, it's probably because people are learning to love the power of a gentle detox during the start of nearly any season of life. Signal the end of summer cocktails and vacation food and reset your digestive system before going into the thick of the holidays. MagO7 helps promote that flat tummy feeling and provides a gentle detox with real results without that bloating feeling.

bloating supplement

2) Pure Vegan D2 Spray
Days are shorter, nights are longer and hours by the pool soaking up the sun are probably nearing their end. And less sun exposure means less opportunity for your body to channel the many benefits of Vitamin D. Alas, you can still channel vegan-friendly options by choosing this spray supplement.

3) B12 Spray
Are you finding that darker mornings and earlier evenings are messing 
with your energy levels? Are holiday work deadlines starting to creep up and stress you out? Are you already formulating your plan to postpone shopping for gifts to punt the anxiety as long as you can? Level lethargy, recharge your energy and stop stress in its tracks with B12 spray this autumn.

4) NBPureMulti-Fiber Blend
Don't wait until January to start your resolutions. Launch into better gut and digestive health right now with a soothing and detoxifying all-in-one cleanse. Multi-Fiber can support weight loss, relieve constipation and boost metabolism.

soluable and non soluble fiber supplement

5) Pumpkin Spiced Cold Brew
We couldn't leave you hanging. Everyone's a sucker for the pumpkin spice this time of year. But if you're serious about your health, it's worth noting most cold brew options have significantly fewer calories and sugar than their latte friends.

See, we told you there'd be no PSLs in this list!