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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Plant-Based Proteins

  • 1 min read

It's no secret in vegan and vegetarian communities that protein has many sources. And truthfully, plant-based proteins are one of the best whether you're vegetarian or not.

Join us as we quickly dive into some of the many benefits of this alternative protein source so you might consider regimenting this option into your own routine.

  1. Pea and plant-based proteins are easy to absorb.
  2. Nut and plant proteins often contain additional healthy fats.
  3. They promote gut health and combat inflammatory issues.
  4. Plant proteins typically leave you feeling fuller longer, thanks to their fiber.
  5. Plant sources may improve your immune system and fight diseases.
  6. Plant-based proteins can support healthy hearts and blood sugar management.
  7. Plant-based diets have many environmental benefits and are usually more sustainable than their animal-sourced counterparts.
  8. Plant proteins are rich in Amino Acids.
  9. Plant-based proteins are typically lower in calories and may help with weight loss goals.
  10. Sources like Pure Vegan Plant Protein taste great, travel easy and blend amazingly in smoothies and other pre/post-workout treats!