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Toning Up to Tie the Knot: Mind Over Matter

  • 2 min read
Now that we've covered some pre-wedding workouts to help you achieve your dream bridal body, it's time to dial in your emotional and mental strength for maximum wedding enjoyment.

Take it from us: stress can be a slippery slope for a bride-to-be. And we know you don't want to be a "Bridezilla". Embrace the positive, salvage your sanity, and feed the mind with these helpful tips and tricks!

Nurture the "Nothing Box"
Wedding planning fills your life and headspace with tons of responsibilities and competing commitments. You've got somewhere to be, someone to follow up with and something to do most every free second leading up to your vows. If you're not careful, your calendar may consume you. 

Schedule in little "nothing box" activities where you allow your mind to wander and recharge. Whether it's reading a magazine after dinner, taking a walk before work or just watching a sunset, a little intentional timeout here and there can be a lifesaver.

Feed the Mind
Short term sugar rushes and cheat foods rarely fortify a healthy mind. As you orchestrate your life with positive practices and healthy habits, include quality ingredients that compliment the process. 

If you struggle with physical or emotional stress, try supplements rich in B Vitamins, like Stress Away, to combat nervousness and recenter. And once you kick the nerves, stay on course, stay sharp and stay energized with our B-12 Spray.

Welcome the Wisdom
Misery loves its company. Thankfully, misery doesn't stand a chance against wisdom.

If you find you're in the company of others who perpetuate stress and negativity, seek out new influences. Ask your wedding planner and your bridesmaids what they remember as the best part of their weddings. Ask friends and families what brought them the most joy on their special day. And as you encounter crazy days and stressful moments, focus instead on the beautiful day and lifelong memories that are just around the corner.

Limit the Pinterest
Social media is great for inspiration but it can subsequently bring a lot of pressure into the life of a bride. If you catch yourself comparing your wedding to everything on the internet, stop. You are uniquely you and you deserve to love every little quirky decoration and inside joke that goes into the backdrop of your wedding.

Protect your mind from guilt, feelings of inadequacy or keeping-up-with the Jones. Focus instead on all the great things that are leading up to your momentous occasion.