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Top 7 Wedding Season Fitness Hacks

  • 2 min read

Wondering how to look and feel you're best this wedding season whether you're attending as a guest or standing front and center? Here are some quick-hit hacks and secrets that can help you not only achieve your desired results but have fun throughout the process!

1) Swallow the toad - No, not literally. This motto simply means that if you tackle the hardest or most unappealing challenge first, the rest of the journey's a breeze. If late night sweets or fast food runs are the slippery slopes, nip them in the bud. You'll find that you not only feel accomplished having broken a bad habit but also empowered to win the rest of your day!

2) Choose your fight song(s) - Spend an hour making a playlist that really gets you inspired. Maybe it's rock music or fast-hitting electronic house music. What matters is that you create a go-to playlist that fuels your fitness routine. Consider even setting your alarm to the best one on the list so you start the day ready to kill it!

3) Invite some healthy competition into the mix - Set group goals with your bridesmaids or groomsmen. See who can cut the most weight in a given timeframe or make the most gains. You can even put a fun prize in the mix for the healthiest team come wedding day. This approach will not only gamify your health and wellness dreams but create a natural accountability with the most important people in your circle.

4) Start clean - Try a gentle Cleanse & Balance product for a truly fresh start. Because what's better than a clear mind, ambitious goal and a body that's ready to get after it?

5) Celebrate progress instead of counting failures - We can't tell you how many times we've heard that someone's given up a fitness routine after a few off-days. While you should certainly strive for consistency and a balanced routine, it's okay to miss the mark along the way. Don't let one failure throw your entire journey off track. Stay the path and keep focused.

6) Visualize your best self - Start your mornings with a simple visualization exercise that imagines your ideal outcome. Is it seeing yourself walking down the aisle full of self-confidence and joy? Is it a beautiful picture of you and your loved one looking incredible on your honeymoon vacation? The more you can truly visualize success and embrace it as a real outcome, the better your chances of making it happen. 

7) Can't make time to make it happen? - Wedding season is a whirlwind for everyone involved. Daily gym sessions may simply be out of the question and that's okay. Try bodyweight exercises like air squats, burpees, planks, lunges, wall sits, and more that you can do in the office, your backyard and everywhere between.

We wish you all the success and joy in the world. It's time to go out and make it happen. We believe in you!