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How To Know if You're a Bridezilla...

  • 2 min read

Planning a wedding can feel just as stressful as, well, planning a wedding! Honestly, there are few things in life that require so much coordination, vision and patience.

The gown, the diets, the invites and Hors d'oeuvres, in-laws and hotel arrangements, makeup and music - weddings can feel nuts. And if there's one thing that can take all that complexity and make it that much more stressful, it's throwing a bridezilla in the mix.

Maybe you've seen a bridezilla on TV or in a movie. Perhaps you've stood up in a wedding with a bridezilla. Or maybe, just maybe, you're growing into a bridezilla yourself!

Don't fret! We have ways to help!

Asking Too Much of Your Bridesmaids
They've traveled from near and far. They've purchased matching shoes, and dresses, and nails, and hair, and makeup. They've thrown you parties and showered you in gifts. They're here to help with a shoulder to lean on and hands to serve.

Remember to thank them again and again. Remember you've asked them to join in the fun. Aim for a balance so they feel as though they've made an impact on your big day and they had a chance to have fun.

Not Delegating...And Then Freaking Out About It
People genuinely love to help when people are having weddings. Jot down some of the main decisions you have to make with your future spouse (venue, food, playlists, etc.) then take friends and family up on their offers to assist in everything else. Maybe they help move furniture or that distant uncle is game to run the bar. Perhaps your father-in-law can help build props so you don't have to bust the bank.

Whatever you do, just don't leave these decisions and delegations down to the last minute. Plan ahead and assign the willing to tasks so you can focus on staying sane!

Procrastinating Your Fitness
Choose a workout and diet plan then get to it. Too many brides leave their health to the last month when it's often too late. Envision yourself standing at the alter glowing in the realization that you really did give it your all. Now go out and achieve it.

Forgetting to Rest
There's nothing worse than having an endless to-do list and zero energy. Prioritize your beauty rest and consider subbing the coffee or energy drink buzz with a healthier alternative like Vitamin B12. Sustaining routine energy over the long haul is the key to winning the wedding marathon.

Last but not least, remember that your wedding can be one of the most amazing days of your life. Don't end a stressful day with binge drinking or tears. Try a natural supplement like Stress Away, focus on the joy that will come when you walk down the aisle and expect nothing less than love that will last a lifetime.