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Wishes for Wonderful Moms this Mother's Day

  • 2 min read
She brought us into the world. She endured months of discomfort and restless nights along the way, and then she signed up for more once we arrived. We were that important to her.

Mom made us breakfast, lunch and dinner. She held a job and made time to get us to the game. She made our house a home. She helped us learn the difference between right and wrong and how to live a good life - we learned from how she lived hers.

That's why we're thrilled to wish all moms a Happy Mother's Day each year. We've even created a list of wishes for all the special women out there for the year to come.

We wish you rest. May you embrace the secret art of slowing down. It might not happen every day, but seek that special place from time to time where you hit pause on the shuffle. Sit back and reflect on all you do and everything you are to those around you. You are a beautiful part of an incredible family and community.

We wish you health. Whether it's Barre, Pilates, Yoga, free weights, cardio, dance, swimming or whatever else makes you feel alive, claim it! We encourage you to put your health center stage. Clear your head from daily stresses. Savor the subtle buzz of endorphins. Be so proud of who you see in the mirror. May your outer glow be a direct extension of your inner beauty and strength.

We wish you joy. May you experience a million belly laughs this year. May you burst with the pride of the children you've raised. May you feel confident, courageous and brilliantly happy. 

We hope you play hooky now and then to catch up with dear friends. May the day-to-day make way for daily adventures. May your face hurt from smiles.

We wish you peace. You are more than enough. You are simply amazing. There's nobody on this planet doing it better. You are exactly what your family needs. You have come so far and created so much. None of this would be possible without your compassion and commitment. 

We wish you strength. Here's to truly believing you are never alone. Here's to the strength you can find from fellow mothers on the same journey and those who have been there before. Here's to digging deep on long days and those hours before the sun comes up. May you have the strength to win each day no matter its course. You have mom strength; that juggling-the-baby-while-making-breakfast-and-cleaning-the-house-before-crushing-the gym-strength. You make this look good!

We wish you the VIP treatment. May all those around you find special ways to show their gratitude all year long. May the shower you with praise and positivity. May they surprise you with quiet gestures and thoughtful actions. May they see you for all that you are and everything you've done.

You're a rockstar, moms. Yesterday, today and every day to come.

Happy Mother's Day!