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Back To School Like a Boss

  • 2 min read

Summer sneaks away every year quicker and quicker and it's back to packing lunches, studying for tests, nightly homework, sports and more.

It's just as much work for parents as it is for kids!

So try these quick tips this time around and go back to school like a boss!

Keep the Stress Away
No, really. We have a natural supplement specifically designed to curb stress and fend off all the anxiety that comes with hectic seasons like the start of school. 

Beyond that, try to find double whammy approaches that compliment both your personal and children's schedules. Consider riding bikes to school as a family rather than fuming in your van in the curbside traffic jam. Maybe Jimmy can scooter alongside you on the way home while you jog back from picking him up. 

And before you dive into homework, try 15 minutes of playing catch, tag or something active to take the edge off and give the brain a little second wind.

Peaks (without valleys)

More daily prep for lunches and sorting clothes probably has you craving more coffee and energy drinks, right? While they might do the trick for a moment, you're setting yourself up for an imminent energy crash and burn once the kids are finally dropped off at the classroom. And we all know the household chores, workplace and to-do list don't take any pity.

Try our Vitamin B12 spray for an added dose of mental focus, stamina and energy without the crash. It's easy to use, can fit in your pocket and is arguably more predictable than the evasive buzz of other caffeinated alternatives.

Working brains need time to recharge
As children flex the brainpower and learn new concepts and practices throughout each school day, its important the whole family embrace a healthy understanding of its need for rest. The body literally recharges as we sleep, so it's important that there are clear understandings of bedtime protocol to ensure your kids (and you) are getting proper sleep each night.

Our Sleep Away supplement can help active minds calm down a bit to prepare for a good night's rest. Paired with healthy habits like limiting screen time during evening hours, cutting back on kids texting and social media use after hours and maintaining a predictable routine of roughly 9 hours of sleep a night can help steer your family toward success.

Keep things exciting
To really help your family go back to school like a boss, it's essential to keep things exciting. A new school year means new relationships, new challenges, new influences and more. There's a ton of change that might feel like pressure or anxiety for young ones. Help shift their perspective into a state of gratitude that they get the opportunity to learn. Help remind them that every day is a chance to make more friends and that this year they finally get to play on the soccer team/baseball team/play in the band/try out for cheer, etc. 

As you encourage and support your kids, you'll begin to notice an attitude shift for the better. There may be hiccups here and there, but that's the beauty of school - everyone learns along the way!