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Many people struggle with acne. From the start of a pimple forming, to the dark spots that are left once it's left the skin, aloe has been shown to help along the way. 

Aloe vera is great at supporting traditional acne medications, or on it's own as well. 

There's a reason why it is nicknamed nature's super plant. 

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70% of adults in the United States say they feel stress or anxiety daily.

Tap into some triggers and solutions in this easy to read article.


Whether you take a minimal approach when it comes to a beauty routine, or devour any kind of skincare and makeup advice you can get your hands on, one thing remains universal: We all want to know the very best practices for achieving healthy, radiant skin.

For the most part, we've got the basics covered by making sure our daily routine consists of drinking enough water, washing our face before bed, and doing our best to avoid anything toxic that might frustrate the skin. But there's more to doing things on just the outside of your body, you have to look internally too. 

We spoke with a few dermatologists and estheticians and they all had something to say about the following tips listed below. Let's dive into it!

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Finding relief from day to day stress can be easy to do once we assess the reasons why. By practicing these 10 easy ways to reduce stress, we can feel less anxiety, and feel better about daily things.

Cracked, dead skin is not the look. Am I right? It's hard to get to the foot spa, especially in these times. So, I thought that I'd help bring the foot spa to you! I've never, personally, been a big pedicure fan to begin with. I'm fairly ticklish so getting a pedicure is like a horror movie for me. I looked into purchasing a foot scrub but they were all expensive and some of the reviews weren't really that awesome and the bottom line was, why spend money on something that doesn't even work? I toyed around with a few different DIY scrub ideas before I created the best scrub that made my feet feel baby smooth. I've also added this into my weekly self care routine so it not only makes my feet feel the softest they've ever been, but by making it and doing it myself, I'm hitting that self care energy that I so desperately need.

"No green thumb, no problem" - is the motto that I live by. When I started my house plant journey, I can not tell you how many plants that I, to politely put it, murdered. At one point, my husband accused me of being the president of the Dead Plants Society. He thinks he's funny. Alright, he's a little funny. Little did we know that I, Lauren "why are all my plants dead?" Ferrell, would rise from the ashes to make the inside of my home an amazing urban jungle.

Starting out, I popped on Pinterest, like many of us do, and found a suggestion list of a few plants that bloggers guaranteed to me that I could not kill. Guess what - I killed my way through about 4 of those other blogger's lists before I finally spoke to someone at a plant nursery. So if this list doesn't work for you, chances are it's because the lighting and quality of my surroundings, are different than yours. When you're picking out your house plants - consider the light you need, the moisture you need, and your general lifestyle. I don't have a ton of natural light inside of my house, I am a mom on the go so I needed plants that I could basically forget I owned for a few days at a time, and I live in Arizona. It's super dry - all the time (Surprisingly though - I killed quite a few succulents despite having great conditions for them). If this list isn't your list- it's all good, a nursery plant expert will help you. Believe that.

At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves, is having a fun chewy vitamin more important than the actual nutrients that we are trying to get from vitamins? The answer is no. If you're serious about your vitamins and nutrition, we've composed a list of some great liquid and capsule vitamins so that you can be guaranteed that you'll receive all the nutrients you need from that amazing supplement you take each day. 
Lots of ideas to help get you started on a practicing self care. Remember that it's about practicing whateverYOU need, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally. If practicing self care starts to feel like an obligation and less of a relief, it may be time to try a different method. The more you practice and make time for yourself, the less burn out days you'll experience. 
Our customer's favorites of the things that help them unwind.