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8 Skin Care Tips Everyone Needs To Know Despite Their Skin Type

  • 5 min read

written by Lauren Curl-Ferrell on July 21, 2021

Medical Data sourced from National Institute of Health (articles sourced)


The Ultimate Skin Care Tips For Any Skin Type



Whether you take a minimal approach when it comes to a beauty routine, or devour any kind of skincare and makeup advice you can get your hands on, one thing remains universal: We all want to know the very best practices for achieving healthy, radiant skin.

For the most part, we've got the basics covered by making sure our daily routine consists of drinking enough water, washing our face before bed, and doing our best to avoid anything toxic that might frustrate the skin. But there's more to doing things on just the outside of your body, you have to look internally too. 

We spoke with a few dermatologists and estheticians and they all had something to say about the following tips listed below. Let's dive into it!


Tip #1. Healthy Skin Starts From Within

We love to see the rise of skin care as it is brought more and more into the light. These days, there is always new ingredients, products, and skin care tips that go along with them - but one thing remains certain and that is that healthy skin starts from within.

The secret of beautifully aging skin could be found inside of the gut. There is definitely a different meaning when it comes to the saying "listen to your gut" in the terms of skin care.

When the gut is not healthy, it can cause premature aging, acne, pigmentation challenges, puffiness, skin redness, and many more. Applying a cream or mask may correct the problems for a short period of time, but the main goal is to fix the problem completely. After all, we can put concealer on a zit, but the zit is still there.

Try incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains into your diet. Another way to improve from within is by ingesting some of Mother Earth's greatest invention - Aloe. 

Taking 1-3 capsules of Organic Aloe Vera can make a huge difference in your skin complexion, tone, and feel. Even completing a cleanse every so often can help maintain better skin allover. 

Aloe vera is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that may help protect your skin.

The important compounds in aloe vera have also been shown to neutralize the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, repair your skin from existing UV damage, and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Detoxify your entire system with Total Body Cleanse

Tip #2: Navigate Your Time In the Sun and Wear Sunscreen

Hello SPF 50. Wearing sunscreen is certainly not a new beauty secret. This information has been around for a LONG time. Wearing daily sunscreen can not only protect your skin in the moment, it can also help reverse up to 1 year of damage from photo damage (1).

We are big fans of Murad's SPF 50 Environmental Shield for the face and the dermatologist recommended Colorscience's Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50 for the body. 

Also, keep in mind to wear protective clothing, such as hats, or sleeves when you're spending extended periods of time in the sun. 

A little bit of sun is a good thing- a lot of it, isn't. 


Tip #3: Visit a Dermatologist For a Full-Body Exam 

By the time you're 30, you should have completed a full body exam by a dermatologist. They can take an expert view at any moles, skin conditions, and challenges you have. 

Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer and is almost 100% curable if it's caught on at its earliest stages. 

A dermatologist will teach you how to do a proper skin check on yourself too that way you know what to look for on yourself. This information could be lifesaving!


Tip #4: Stimulate Blood Flow

If you feel like the skin on your face is saggy, dull, or lackluster - poor circulation might be the culprit. By increasing the blood flow to your face, you can reveal a younger, healthier-looking complexion.

Try spending a few moments a week giving yourself a face massage. It does not have to be this amazingly well thought out movement massage - simply rub in an upwards motion. 

Even picking up something like a Jade Roller can help with a facial massage. 

One of the best times for a face massage is when you're washing your face, or putting on your sunscreen/moisturizer. 


Tip #5: Layer Products From Thinnest to Thickest

Improper order can stop the skin from receiving the full benefits of your serums and creams.

Not only can this affect the overall effectiveness of your routine, but it could devastate your skin, leaving it irritated, broken out, and dry.

Here's our recommended order:

Remove Your Makeup

By starting with a blank canvas, you skin will receive the full effects of each skin care product.


Once the makeup is gone, you'll need to clean your skin with a cleanser. It will help remove any leftover residue or grit that can be trapped inside of the pores.

Treatment Products

Apply all treatment or corrective products onto clean, bare skin from thinnest to thickest. It will allow the products to penetrate more deeply into the skin with the thickest product going on last. The thickest product has the deepest penetrating properties. 

Hydrating Mist or Serum

This is such a refreshing part of the day. Simply mist and feel confident your skin is getting a quench it so desperately needs.


Before applying your makeup - make sure to apply sunscreen.

For gorgeous and glowing skin, simply apply your products the correct way for the best results.


Tip #6: Use the Occasional Mask

A mask is an effective way to get your skin care routine back on track. Find one that fixes the problem you may be having. 

Here's an esthetician pro-tip: When applying a sheet mask, maximize it's adherence capability by snipping the side of the nose fold to the eye hole. This allows the user to wiggle the mast so that it can get closer to the under-eye are and prevent any tenting that the mask may do!

Tip #7: Take Off Your Makeup

Makeup tends to act as a blocker from other products. It'll block out any nutrients of any thing else. So remove it before applying any of your fancy creams or treatments. If you're like me and you don't have a ton of time to work on your skin care, try using some makeup wipes or pads for a quick solution to remove it. I keep them right by bed side!

Tip #8: Moisturize 

It does not have to be fancy - something as simple as virgin coconut oil is a great moisturizer. 

Moisturizer helps the skin barrier by providing it lipids which will protect it from any external chemicals. It also hydrates the skin. 


We Get It

Not everyone has the time to take care of the skin all day. The most important take homes from this list are the gut health and how it affects the skin, wearing sunscreen, and meet with a dermatologist throughout your life. 

Love the skin you're in.