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8 Favorite Products for Home Relaxation

  • 3 min read
written by NB Pure team on 8/2/2019
updated by Lauren Curl-Ferrell on May 24, 2021.


Relax, Let's Do It

Whether it's a rest day after a week of heavy lifting, 15 minutes of self-care squeezed into a hectic day, or part of a disciplined rest and relaxation regiment, there's a whole world of products designed to help you unplug and recharge.

We polled our NB Pure customers to ask them what their favorites products were that helped them upwind, and here are their results:

Unwind With

We adore this compilation of products, our customers raved about these 8.

1. Stress Away 

What's a rest and relaxation recommendation with a supplement that's up to that exact challenge? We're biased, but this is one of our all-time favorite supplements for curbing stress, taking the edge off and easing into a better place. 

2. TheraGun 

Don't let the name fool you, it's no weapon. Unless of course, you're a sore muscle and you've become the enemy of flexibility, rest and relaxation. This handheld therapy tool helps break up tight muscles to restore you to a healthy state. Treat your own trouble areas or enlist the help of a partner for sore shoulders, back, neck, calves and more.

3. Bath Bombs

Take your pick from the endless lines, scents and ingredients. Thes little bath bombs drop into a warm bath, dissolve or bubble into wonderful smells, and often include additional nurturing elements to help you unwind.


4. Myofascial Blades

These tools are becoming more and more popular. Picture a strategically curved metal blade with blunt edges and a convenient handle. Paired with special lotions, this tool runs along tight muscle groups and frees up tight and tense tissues. While it can be a bit uncomfortable up front, myofascial blade practices can reduce recovery times and minimize the discomfort of hard workouts and physical activity.


5. Calm App 

Mindfulness, meditation, music and more all compiled and constructed to help you fight anxiety and stress, and reclaim your daily focus and balance.


6. Indo/Balance Boards

These are not just for surfers or skaters. Far from it! These little balance boards can fit in nearly any room and can help you engage important stabilizer muscles while also improving your balance and focus. Best of all, as you trigger your core, sink into squats, and deepen your breath, you may not even think of it as a workout because it's simply so fun.


7. Trigger Point Foam Rollers  

Another recovery tool, these foam rollers can hide in a closet, stuff into a gym bag or even camp out in the trunk. No matter what, a few minutes rolling through your hamstrings, I.T. band, calves, triceps, lats OR even just arching your back to expand your breath, can be extremely liberating and relaxing.


8. Essential Oil Diffuser

Fill your home with fresh, calming scents to really launch into your zen state of mind. Set up is easy, the scent lineup is massive, and a few drops go a long, long way!


    How do you unwind?

    Is there a tool or practice you've found that helps you escape the stresses of the day? Wine doesn't count. Ok, maybe it does. But what else?! Enjoy this list and keep an eye out for when we poll our customers again!