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Kickstart Your Summer with a Lean Body

If you dream of lounging and looking your best this summer, don't skip this kickstart guide!

A little game plan goes a long way. So harness a small window before your next family vacation, work trip or weekend getaway to buckle down and burn some calories so you can look and feel your best this season!

Here's how!

Delight in Vitamin D
Brighter days benefit your body and mind. That's right, Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is known to combat depression, fight disease, and improve weight loss.

It's no placebo. There's something wonderful about soaking in the sun's rays, so schedule in some outdoor activities or tanning time to make the most of summer. We even have vitamin D supplements for those who might be on the move or who may live in temperate regions. You can find those right HERE

Resist Distractions
We know the drill. It's often super tempting to spend summer days binge watching the latest Netflix show or scrolling Facebook for hours on end. Stay aware and stick to your game plan. Couch time certainly doesn't crunch calories, so limit your down time and set up some boundaries. 

If you're phone suddenly shifts from workout music device to social media distraction, leave it in the car before you begin to exercise. If your laptop makes you linger longer in bed before you get up and active, leave it in the kitchen the night before.

As you begin to prioritize your health and wellness goals, it will get easier and easier to stay on track.

Try a Summer Cleanse
If you're ready to boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system and get serious about shedding weight, perhaps it's time you check out one of our detox and cleanse kits.

Consider our Aerobic Life Cleanse and Detox Kit for starters HERE

The kit contains MagO7 and ABC Multi-Fiber which work together to restore digestive balance and metabolic health. 

You'll love the results!

No matter your goals this summer, we hope you know you have our absolute support. We're so motivated by men and women who are serious about their health and wellness.

Let's make this a summer to remember!