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Featured Interview with Will Ontiveros From Khloe Kardashian's TV Show 'Revenge Body'

  • 5 min read
We got the awesome opportunity a couple weeks back to connect and interview Will Ontiveros From Khloe Kardashian's TV Show 'Revenge Body' and dive into a 10 question interview. If you are not aware of who Will is... Well let's just say he is a previous contestant on the hit show 'Revenge Body' and is now a E! Red Carpet Host and producer. He is a very talented tv personality and is dedicated to keeping his health and wellness in check. We hope you enjoy this super special interview!
1) Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get started in the TV industry and what drives you?
- My name is Will Ontiveros and I am 28 years old. I within the last year and a half have become a fitness addict and on a quest for wellness and health. I think everyone in their life at some point has a moment of realization that we are nothing without our health, and that for me was a little different than most. I am a dog lover, foodie (despite being into health and fitness, you can eat clean and healthy while still allowing yourself to enjoy food as it should!) I have a WONDERFUL boyfriend and life partner, and I am a young professional producer for TV. I originally got started in TV very young at 15 when my best friend was involved with the show "My Super Sweet 16" I remember being totally captivated on the "behind the scenes" work it took to actually make a tv show. From there on I have always found myself either in front of the camera, behind, and sometimes both. I think what drives me in all areas of my life is being able to actually make a change, make someone smile, or see my work with my body or my work in TV actually help and effect another person. 

2) How important is your nutrition to you being someone in the public eye? Do you have any tips for someone looking to start and maintain a fitness routine?
 - I think nutrition is the easier and the hardest part of starting or maintaining a fitness routine/lifestyle. It's easy to get bad "junk food" it's normally cheaper and quicker, and I definitely understand that mot of us have insanely busy lives that make eating poor choices easier. I think that the first tip for starting or maintaining is that you should be easy on yourself. I find myself even now being so hard on myself for eating that piece of pizza at a party or giving into a slice of cake at a birthday. Food is to fuel our bodies, but it should also be for enjoyment. Allow yourself to have that slice of cake every now and then, but it's important to remember that your nutrition plan is about 80% of the big picture in your fitness routine. For me prepping my food helps TREMENDOUSLY. 

3) Can you tell us a little bit about the challenges you have faced over the years from just starting out and now to coming into more success and the spotlight?
- I think for some it's easier to face more challenges and opportunities, and for others, it can be overwhelming. I feel I am a mix between the two. I have suffered from anxiety since I was a little boy, and with adulthood, life has challenged me. Only recently have I given into that fact that I can't control every aspect of my life and that with each new challenge and opportunity it isn't a test to see how strong I am or how I can deal, it's a test to see if this is something that's for me and something I can do to change myself and in turn others. I use my anxiety to my benefit and channel that energy into what is presented to me. I welcome everything with open arms in this exciting time for me. Growing up I always heard movie stars/artists/musicians say "I always wanted to be in the spotlight" or "I knew I was destined for me" I have always felt that way too, and now that it is starting I humbly am receiving to it. 

4) What is your life motto?

- "werk" this word was made popular before Britney did it for the record. It's actually a term used by drag queens. I myself am not one, but I think the meaning behind it is positive and empowering. It's simple and can be used in so many ways, but its true meaning for me is that it can empower me to get something done, or uplift a situation with praise using the word. It may be an inside thing, but for me it motivates me, and I use it in conversation with everyone. Sometimes having to explain, but then I catch them using it themselves. 

5) Do you have a favorite go-to healthy snack?

- I have three. I LOVE almonds, avocados, and tomatoes. Combining the avocados and tomatoes makes the perfect energy-boosting snack during the day!

6) What's a day in the life of Will look like?

- Every day changes, but it always starts with a protein shake and a solid workout. Working out in the morning always gets me fired and energized for the rest of the day. I HATE mornings, but I force myself to do it cause I know I'll be good after that workout. For the rest of my day, it normally involves a lot of phone calls, emails, and interacting with a talent for that particular show I am producing. What I do as a producer can normally be summed up as coordinating or making a wedding happen every day, except it's for a TV show and we don't have a wedding. May I mention though, that what I do can be very stressful, but I always find the time for some good laughs throughout the day. Extra points, laughing and trying to remain positive and happy aids to weight loss. 

7) Are you a goal setter? If so, has it helped you in your career or in any other areas of your life and do you find it important to have goals?

- I think by nature we all need to have set goals. Life is so confusing as it is sometimes and having some type of structure helps me greatly. Cliche to say but set your goals high. You'd be surprised how obtainable the unobtainable is when you REALLY set your mind, and heart on something. My career would not exist if I didn't set the standard for where I want to be. I still have so much more to do, and with every goal meet comes a new and exciting one. 

8) Do you have a favorite exercise routine? 

- I am OBSESSED with how a man's chest or arms look when muscular and defined. So I find myself always with dumbells, either hammer curls or dumb bell chest press.
9) In three words describe your mission in life?
- Explore, create, laugh

10) Where can we connect with you and what is a project that you are currently working on that we should keep an eye out for?
- All of my social media platforms are @wontiver. I currently have just been given the opportunity to start hosting red carpet events for E! I am working with a fashion label that I will be announcing later in 2017 and my most proud recent accomplishment is that I will be mentoring someone who is going through a fitness journey themselves, that you can check out late this year on a show that I will announce as we get closer to release date.