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When to Lose Fat and When to Gain Muscle

  • 1 min read

Many people expect to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. The truth is, that’s not physically possible. Scientifically speaking, your body can only be in either of two states while training: catabolic or anabolic. Both are defined as a way of converting nutrients into energy. They differ, in results. Catabolism is the “breakdown of complex molecules in living organisms to form simpler ones, together with the release of energy; destructive metabolism”. In other words, the breakdown of calories and fat. Anabolism is “the synthesis of complex molecules in living organisms from simpler ones together with the storage of energy; constructive metabolism”. Or, the buildup of muscle mass.


If your goal is to lose fat and gain muscle, it’s best to tackle one goal before the other. Specifically, focus on losing fat first. That’s not to say you should wait to lift weights. Exercise is great for everybody, no matter what your aim! Though, once your body rids itself of excess fat, it’s better able to convert calories into muscle. When you are trimmed down, you can begin to introduce more protein and heavier weights into your regimen.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Muscle and Losing Fat:

• Not eating enough

• Eating too much

• Eating refined carbohydrates

• Insufficient weight training

• Weight training with insufficient intensity

• Not doing any cardio

• Exercising on an empty stomach

• Insufficient precision and application

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