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Detox Your Gut for Spring 

  • 4 min read

Spring is almost here, and summer’s right around the corner. Whether you’re planning a spring getaway, thinking ahead to summer days in a bathing suit, or just in need of a gut cleanse, now’s the perfect time.

What’s a gut cleanse? It’s a way of cleaning backed-up waste out of the gut (aka your digestive tract) for a more balanced gut. 

 Keep in mind that the gut, when functioning optimally, can typically clear out waste on its own when given the tools to do so. But modern life can get in the way. Processed foods, not getting enough fiber-rich fruits and veggies, and not drinking enough water are common and can wreak havoc with the normal functioning of the gut. 


What a balanced gut can do for you

A balanced gut can help reduce annoying and sometimes embarrassing symptoms like constipation and gassiness, but it’s also important for your heath. 

A balanced, healthy gut has been linked to:

  • overall health and wellbeing
  • good digestion
  • healthy metabolism
  • optimal immunity

An unhealthy gut has been linked to:

  • inflammatory bowel disease
  •  irritable bowel syndrome
  • allergies
  • depression and anxiety
  • obesity


5 reasons you may need a spring gut cleanse 


    1. Helps relieve constipation. If you have fewer than three bowel movements a week, you’re considered constipated. You may also be constipated if your stools are hard and uncomfortable to pass. Our own MagO7 is the leading product on the market to help relieve constipation. Created with a unique ozonated magnesium oxide, it can help get you moving by morning. 




      Try MagO7, the leader in gut cleanse products. Thousands of 5-star reviews don’t lie. 



        2. Helps relieve bloating. This occurs when your belly feels full and may be distended. It commonly occurs when you have gassiness, constipation, or have problems digesting foods. It can also be triggered if you have something called Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a condition that causes abdominal pain, gas, fullness in the stomach, bloating, and either diarrhea or constipation.


            3. Helps relieve gassiness. Backed-up waste is a common cause of gassiness. Another cause, not digesting food properly. And sometimes, drinking too many fizzy drinks or chewing gum can lead to gas, too. Eating foods with sweeteners ending in “-ol” may also trigger gas. These include sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, erythritol, and maltitol. 



              Try Enzybiotic, the digestive enzyme + probiotics product that helps you better digest food and get your gut back in balance.  


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                4. You may lose a few pounds in the process. The best way to lose weight is still eating healthy and exercising regularly. But if you’re constipated, bloated, and gassy, you may be able to drop a few pounds by getting your digestive system running smoothly again. Cleanses are not, however, a method of long-term weight loss.

                  Keep in mind that a healthy gut — along with healthy eating and a regular exercise regimen — has been linked to long-term weight loss and weight maintenance. A healthy gut is one that is functioning optimally and has a diversity of healthy bacteria. 

                  Cleanses like MagO7 are the first step to get the gut functioning optimally again. It’s like cleaning out your hallway at home so everything can flow smoothly again. The next steps to a healthier gut for long-term weight loss: 


                  ✔️ Get enough fiber. Fiber is key to keeping your system running smoothly and preventing gas and bloating — and may help lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. Our Daily Multi-Fiber offers an all-natural fiber with prebiotics and probiotics, or healthy bacteria. 




                  Daily Multi-Fiber is not your grandma’s fiber. It contains an all-natural, better-for-you fiber blend and prebiotics and probiotics for complete digestive health. 



                   ✔️ Be sure you’re getting enough probiotics. Healthy bacteria, or probiotics, are found in fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, and even kombucha. But you may not be getting enough from foods alone, why supplementation may be able to help. Getting a diversity of healthy bacteria has been found to help with long-term weight loss. To ensure you’re getting enough, try our Poobiotics. It contains 5 different strains of healthy bacteria and 10 billion live organisms. 


                  ✔️ Take digestive enzymes. If you find that you’re not properly digesting food — as indicated by gas, bloating, or abdominal pain after eating, digestive enzymes may help. Try our Digestive Enzyme Complex with 12 plant-based digestive enzymes and 3 stomach-soothing herbs (ginger, cinnamon, and peppermint). Our Enzybiotic contains a convenient and effective mix of digestive enzymes and probiotics 


                    5. You’ll feel better! No one feels great when they’re constipated and bloated. Relieving constipation and getting your digestive system running smoothly is a great feeling; you may even have a bit more energy, too — just in time for your beach getaway.


                      Consider a gut cleanse a spring cleaning of your gut. It may be just what you need to jump start the new season.