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Why Liquid Vitamins Are Best for Kids

  • 2 min read

You've probably seen gummy vitamins, sub-lingual (under the tongue) vitamins, and other chewable forms. We're here to make a case for kids liquid vitamins and why they just might be the best for kids and parents.

Any parent understands the challenges of a picky eater. So it's easy to be persuaded by exciting labels, mainstream characters from cartoons and movies, and fun sounding flavors with cherry and grape. But the catch is that behind all the fun, there are some real factors that might make them a poor decision for your family.

1) Gummy vitamins have a tendency to cling to the hard-to-reach crevices of little teeth and may actually contribute to cavities and other oral issues. Essentially, all some of the sugars from the gummy mixture cake on to teeth and attract bad bacteria.

2) Artificial flavoring is obviously anything but natural and often includes minimal to no actual fruit juice.

3) Vitamins are not candy and children and their parents should absolutely respect daily nutritional recommendations. Unfortunately for a child, it may be hard to tell the difference between gummy vitamins and gummy fruit snacks in a pantry, thus potentially increasing the likelihood of over-consumption.

4) Vitamins are not treats, though they're often part of a reward system between kids and their parents. "Finish your meal and you can have a chewy? Just one more bite of ____ and you get a 'treat'. Pick up those toys, then you can have a gummy bear." Sound familiar? While health and nutrition are of the utmost importance to people of all ages and stages, it can be difficult to unlearn a reward system.

Consider a liquid alternative. 

Our Pure Kidz Multi Vitamin is liquid for a reason. Parents are no longer subject to the mercy of their children's' taste buds. Simply add the liquid vitamins to Johnny or Suzy's favorite juice, smoothie or water bottle and avoid the fuss. Moreover, you can rest assured the liquid delivery is easy on the teeth and goes right to the digestive system for easy absorption.

And if you're a mom or dad on the go, this liquid vitamin is easy to store, transport and use whether you're in between meals, soccer practice or the babysitter.

Skip the hassle and the health hurdles and try out our Pure Kidz Multi Vitamin today!