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From Zero to Hero: High School to College Transitions

  • 3 min read

As summer comes to a close, students everywhere prepare for another year of schooling. Some transition from first to second grade or sixth to seventh, but few progressions are as monumental as making the leap from high school to college. This chapter of life is amazing if you know where to look.

Here are just a few areas to consider if you or a family member is about to embark on the incredible journey toward a university or community college.

Time Management
For many young adults, college marks the first true season of freedom in terms of timing, schedules and their management. And as with any good thing, it must be respected to make good use of it. Time management is a crucial skill that young adults learn to hone in and apply throughout college. Learning to balance academics, social life, personal fitness, relationships, jobs and extra curricular activity is all part of the game.
If you treat your education like a 9-5 job, you'll be way ahead of your peers and unlock all sorts of free time. But go the opposite and trade your study time for play and you'll face long nights, early mornings and inefficient cramming trying to make up for it all.

Personal Diet and Fitness
Let's face it, college athletics are not for everyone. But that doesn't mean the next four years can't still be packed full of disciplined workouts, healthy eating and goal setting. Many young adults stare down a new build when college is done. Some look in the mirror and realize binge habits added some less-than-ideal weight here and there. Others realize that a balanced diet, joining that outdoor club, and weekly workouts with friends put them in the best shape of their life.

Among the many choices you'll face in college, do not miss the opportunity to make personal health and wellness a priority.

Expand Your World
Maybe you grew up in a small town or had a graduating class where everyone knew everyone. Or maybe you're commuting from a big city to a quaint college town. No matter the situation, college gives students a literal and figurative opportunity to expand their world and explore new cultures, curriculum and circles.

Take niche classes that explore a topic not offered in high school. Learn a new language or try a dance class. Most people will never have another opportunity in life to dip their toes in so many topics all in one place.
Now more than ever, you'll need to assess your future and your goals. Look first to your major and then shift into your immediate career path. Are there professors or mentorships you can take on to increase your chances of acquiring your dreams? Are there pupils or graduates who you can network with to make connections in an area of focus?

You'll certainly make friends throughout college, but spend some time also making professional acquaintances that can propel you after you obtain your degree.

And who knows, maybe one of those acquaintances may even turn out to be your spouse some day!

College really is what you make of it so make a habit of saying yes to new (responsible) opportunities, befriend as many people as you can, and use these next four years to become the person you want to be.