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Top Health Picks for 2019

  • 2 min read

What would "new year new you" really be without some emerging health and wellness trends? Here's a handful of some of the top health picks for 2019 and how you can get in on all the action!

1) Mindfulness, Meditation, and Visualization 
Self-help, entrepreneurial and fitness podcasts have produced an epic revitalization of these ancient practices and people are raving. Aura is one such app that guides beginners and seasoned practitioners though daily micro-meditations aimed at alleviating stress, finding clarity and imagining success. 

If you haven't given meditation a try, put it on your list. It's a game changer!

2) Dynamax Balls
Contrary to their "cousin" the medicine ball, Dynamax Balls have more give and absorption making them a perfect gym or home workout resource. From slams and other explosive work to modified planks and other ab work, you should definitely consider adding this piece of equipment to your daily workout routine.

3) IV/Drip Therapy
It turns out you don't have to ride in an ambulance or visit the ER to get the hydrating effects of an IV. Many progressive "drip" bars are popping up with a variety of fast-acting solutions from hangover remedies to immunity boosters, antioxidant drips and beyond. 

Whether you're scheduling an appointment or just dropping in to drip, this is one trend that's picking up speed.

4) Stress Management Supplements
For years and years, we've seen caffeine pills, energy drinks, and mystery products claim the benefits of heightened performance and focus. One could argue, however, that all these boosters have spawned a society of people on edge, against deadlines and wearing the weight of the world. Thankfully, products like Stress Away are designed to naturally combat the anxieties and stresses of daily life. And the reality is that mental clarity, emotional stability, and a healthy mind make way for a healthy life altogether. 

Keep your ears to the ground, your eyes on the prize and your feet moving this year. Some trends come and go, but a decision to prioritize your health and wellness can change your life forever!