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Top 5 must buy healthy stocking stuffers for the family

  • 2 min read
It turns out big things do come in tiny packages. Especially when we're talking about the best health and wellness stocking stuffers for the loved one in your life. We've rounded up 5 of the coolest, most functional presents you can fit in a stocking and we won't judge if you just so happen to order some for yourself this year.

So let's dive right in! Here are the Top 5 Healthy Stocking Stuffers for 2018 and a little bit of reasoning behind each.

1) Vitamin B12 spray for adults or Vitamin C spray for the kiddos is a great gift any day. Vitamins come in all shapes and sizes but few are as convenient and versatile as a spray. Toss these in the stockings above the fireplace with care and they'll just so happen to care for the loved ones in your life.

2) A handy dandy dry brush is a must. Super affordable and easy to pack into any bag or pocket, dry brushes do just what the name implies. Circular or repetitive motion on dry skin helps to reduce cellulite and stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to rid the body of toxins.

3) Sneak in some all natural skincare with one of the fine sugar scrubs from SK. They'll keep your family smooth and moisturized without all the complicated additives that are typically added to such products. And best of all, scents range from ginger citrus to lemon herb, rosemary mint, and even chocolate peppermint so you can find just the match for the person in your life.

4) Reach for a stress ball. They're therapeutic, come in options from standard colors to silly themes, and they'll let the recipient know you've got their back as they navigate the hectic holidays.

5) Sensible sweets make wonderful treats. Rather than reaching for another milk chocolate on the shelves, seek out organic products like Justin's Peanut Butter Cups or even track down high-quality dark chocolate. Best of all, brands like Justin's support charities so your gift of giving goes on and on.

Don't let the holiday shopping leave you feeling stressed and strapped. These are all easy go-to options that your family will love. And should you need any more last-minute ideas, be sure to check out our range of all-natural healthcare products. We've got just the thing for vegans, athletes, children or anyone else on your list.

Happy holidays!