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Healthy Hacks for Holiday Travel

  • 2 min read

Heading back home for the holidays? Traveling somewhere exotic to celebrate the times? These helpful tips and tricks are geared to support your health and happiness no matter where you're going this year!

Airports are a melting pot of germs
So are malls, buses, trains and all the many forms of transportation or shopping arenas your family will likely encounter during the holidays. Exercise increased caution touching public handles, railings, windows, etc., and be sure to wash your hands regularly with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

These key activities may help fend off flu bugs and other bacteria in high-traffic areas. You might also encourage young children in your company to avoid public drinking fountains and purchase bottled mineral water instead.

Pack like a pro
Recent studies show that a large population of people become prone to a common cold after 10-15 minutes of cold feet. Be sure to think through where you're headed and pack the extra socks - and layers - that'll keep you warm.

Moreover, as you try to remember everything you need to bring along the way, start with some of the most important items:

  • Vitamins and supplements - who knows how the inlaws cook and whether their pantry will provide the quality ingredients your body demands?
  • Athletic wear - a little exercise goes a long way in supporting stress relief and a healthy immune system. Sure, it's holiday vacation, but you should still put in a little work and get a good sweat going.
  • Jackets and layers - don't risk an uncomfortable, frigid trip on account of a forgotten coat. Besides, nothing ruins a family photo like an outdated loaner jacket from Uncle Ted.
  • Small rollers or therapy balls - hours of cramped flights can leave you sore and cranky. Nothing a few minutes of stretching, breathing and deep tissue massage can't beat!

Don't use a layover to earn a hangover
Traveling this time of year means winter storms and the chance of a delayed flight. The temptation for many may be to hit the bars during the wait, but a few too many might start your holiday outing off on an all-time low. Go easy on the stiff and sugary drinks before, during and after your travel.

Reach instead for coconut water, low sugar athletic drinks, fruit smoothies, teas or black coffee.

Trust us. Your body will thank you later.

Protect with ParaEnd
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ParaEnd Intestinal Cleanse and Detox

Most of all, be sure to pack joy, gratitude, and patience wherever you go these holidays. Make this the best year of all and savor time with loved ones and friends alike. After all, you didn't travel all that way for nothing.