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Packing Hacks for Holiday Travels

  • 2 min read

We are all guilty of over packing and running out of room in our suitcase when we travel. It is especially hard when you are traveling with your winter clothes to pack all the outfits you need for your trip. You try to be as creative as possible and use every inch of your luggage but still come up short with a few more items that don’t fit and MUST come along. This is never a good feeling especially if you are a last minute packer…guilty! So we have come up with a few tips to help you pack your suitcase for your winter travels in hopes it will give you a little extra room and save you some unwanted stress.


TIP #1 Wear your most bulky pieces on the plane


This is the most common of them all but sometimes we just need a good reminder. It is to always wear your most bulky pieces on the plane. Wear your heavy boots to save you a few pounds and even though you might feel funny, wear your big puffer jacket as well. Wearing your jacket on the plane ride over will keep you warm in some of those chilly airports and planes and will also double as a blanket or pillow.


TIP #2 Pack layers and pack neutrals


Instead of packing multiple heavy jackets, save space by packing warm layers. We suggest bringing two warm jackets with pieces you can layer underneath them. Another trick with packing layering pieces is to pack neutral colors. This will help you be able to mix and match all your layers and not have to worry about clashing colors. If you want a little color in your holiday wardrobe try to stick to the same color scheme like shades of blue or all pastels. This will help you be able to pack less but still mix and match your outfits.


TIP #3 Roll your clothes


This is something that is still being debated if it really saves space and we are here to tell you that yes it really does. Rolling your clothes will save you space along with help you keep your suitcase more organized while you live out of it during your trip. By rolling your clothes it compacts your pieces and lets you see more easily what you have packed instead of folding six shirts on top of each other. It may seem a little time consuming at first but once you get the hang of it and see how much space it saves you, you will never fold and stack your clothes again.


TIP #4 Stuff your shoes


The last tip is one of our favorites because it is the simplest. When packing your shoes or boots simply stuff them with your socks, gloves, beanies and anything else that might fit. The hardest part about packing is finding space so might as well creatively use every nook and cranny that you can find.


As you pack we hope that you can utilize some of these tips to make packing a little easier.


Safe travels and happy holidays!