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Why Your New Year's Resolution Is Going to Fail...

  • 3 min read
A ton of people do a lot of soul searching this time of year. It's natural as the year comes to a close and there's time to reflect on the past 12 months. Some make a mental list and others type it out and tape it to their fridge. That's right, we're talking about New Year's Resolutions. 

But we're specifically going to shine some light on why many fail in order to hopefully better steer you on a path to success.

1) You're in it for the wrong reasons
Pressure is a terrible longterm motivation. Doubt is even worse. If you're not pursuing your resolutions to really, truly better yourself and come out the other side stronger, healthier or happier, chances are your resolution is going to fizzle out. You have to really look in the mirror and search your heart for what you desire. If there are voices of critique and criticism from outsiders that haunt you, you have to outthink them and focus your internal dialogue to one of self-worth and confidence.

You can't change simply because someone else wants it for you. You have to want it.

2) You're going it alone
If you want to guarantee your new fitness routine fades away, refuse to workout with a partner. White knuckle it and go the lone ranger route and excuses, conflicts and convenience will eat your resolutions alive.

Your resolutions become much more attainable when you find an accountability partner who shares a common dream. When one of you feels weak, the other can jump in to pull you through. Don't go it alone.

3) You're thinking too small
Maybe you've heard the opposite. Maybe you've been told your dreams are too big. We'd argue that to see real life change you have to balance ambitious goals with daily disciplines. 

You want to workout more? Great. What's your end product? What are you hoping will change? How often will you go each week? What's your diet and supplement game going to look like to support that resolution? Leave no stone unturned when you formulate your plan.

4) You named the what but forgot the why
This is closely related with number 1 on the list, but there are a few important things to note. Naming your desired activity, habit change or behavior is crucial, but you must pair it with a clear motivation. What does it mean to those around you if you drink less? Why will your quality of life improve if you invest your time and energy in that class? Why will you be happier if you finally go for it?

When you face adversity or temptation a strong why can mean the difference between defeat or sweet, sweet victory.

5) Rookie mistakes
Have you enlisted in the guidance of someone who's successfully achieved your desired lifestyle? Have you done some research on what works and what doesn't? Don't let your pride lead you down the wrong path. Better to ask seasoned individuals how their journey went so you avoid common pitfalls. 

Confidence is great. Gaining a little wisdom is best.

6) Analysis Paralysis
On the flip side of number 5, perhaps you've thought yourself into stagnation. Perhaps you're intimidated by the unknown. Maybe you're nervous you'll lool too much like an outsider in the new gym. Or maybe you've listed a million other things you need to do before you focus on yourself.

Remember that an object in motion will stay in motion. The distinction is that you actually have to get started.

There you have it, 6 of the usual suspects that topple any New Year's Resolution. Use this knowledge to inform change in your life and the lives of those around you. A new year brings about nothing but possibility and now is your time to use the few remaining days of 2018 to articulate your gameplan for the months ahead. Be brave, think big and go forth.

You've got this!