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How To Spread Health and Wellness During the Holidays and New Year

  • 3 min read

From greeting cards to passing phrases, household decorations, and neighborhood outings, many people usher well wishes to those around them during the holidays. But what if we took it a few steps further? Yes, the jolly sentiment remains, but what if we lived intentionally to truly wish others into a year full of vibrant health, strength, and joy and had some actions or invitations to back it up?

We'd not only spread holiday cheer in the brief moments of everyday interactions but encourage many more wonderful people into a journey of self-discovery, validation, and community!

Wondering how? We're glad you asked! We've got 7 different ideas below that can help anyone anywhere become more involved in spreading physical, mental and communal wellbeing!

1) First Annual 3K Community Caroling Charge
Nothing spreads holiday cheer like singing jingles with neighbors on a brisk night. Try putting a fun athletic twist on the thing by committing to covering a set distance throughout the night. You'll not only get your steps in but delight an entire neighborhood in the process. Invite some friends in your mom or dad groups and get all the kids to coordinate festive active outfits.

Nowadays, arranging events or gatherings such as these have become some much feasible via Facebook Events and groups.

Try it out and turn it into an annual tradition! Maybe even set up a hot chocolate finish line for the finale.

2) 12 Days, 12 Trails
Ok, so we might be a little behind the ball on this one this year, but you get the point. When stress is at its max as Christmas responsibilities stare you down, decide as a group that you and your friends or your family are going to conquer one hiking trail a day up until the final on Christmas morning. There's something incredibly therapeutic about cresting a trail as the sun peeks up. It frees your mind, gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing, and it's an all-around tremendous way to keep up your fitness going into the home stretch.

3) On the first day of Chistmas, my true love gave to me....
What do you know about the needs and wellness aspirations of your special someone? Imagine if you prepared small themed prizes all throughout the holiday season? Maybe the first day is a small bottle of Stress Away. Perhaps day two is 2 packs of Hydr8 and the third is three Vitamin Cs!!

A little creativity and planning could let the fitness fan in your life know that you're in their corner and that you care enough to pair fun products that promote their success.

4) Simply acknowledge how great people look
Santa's checking the list twice. Everyone else is checking the mirror four, five, six times. The pressure is on to look good for work parties, reunions, family photos and everything else this time of year. What if you became the person who just went out of their way to tell people they're looking wonderful? What if you made it a point to tell people they're carrying themselves so well and they seem to have a hop in their step? 

You just might give them the gift of confidence they've been looking for all year.

5) Lend a neighborly hand
Setting up and breaking down all the holiday decor can really take a toll on some folks. Especially if there's a lot of heavy lifting of boxes or going up and down a ladder. Be the kind of person who jumps at the opportunity to help others so they can go into the new year without another strained back or a bum knee. 

Plus, a few moments of quality conversation can really brighten someone's day.

6) Host a Resolution Kickoff Night
Invite friends and strangers alike for a night of reflection and encouragement far before December 31st. Tee up categories people can consider such as Strength, Weight Loss, Relationships, Careers, Habits, Hobbies, etc., and see where the night goes. Perhaps you can form accountability or training groups and get a head start on all your New Years Resolutions before the rest of the world!

7) Random Letters of Encouragement
Create small handwritten notes wishing recipients the best holiday season ever. Let them know how special they are and that they serve such a quality role in the world. Remind them that they deserve to look and feel their best and that she should prioritize finding ways to feel great about themselves.

Then leave the note on a door or windshield that calls your name. You'll no doubt surprise and delight whoever finds your heartfelt words of affirmation.

Have any ideas of your own? What are some other ways you'd love to see people come together to embrace physical, mental and communal wellness during the holidays? Tell us in the comments or jump onto our social channels and let us know!