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The Little Secret(s) About Stress That Nobody's Sharing

  • 2 min read

It compounds like an avalanche. The walls start closing in and the weight of the world gets that much heavier.

We're talking about stress, and we're ready to tell you a little secret that few people take the time to acknowledge: if you can channel your stress into productivity, you can do almost anything.

Imagine a life where you turn stress on itself. When it breathes down your back, you push that much harder. When you feel it creeping into your day-to-day, you take a few minutes to plan your next move. Instead of adding to your To Do list, you add another notch on the Done List. 

Okay, okay, easier said than done. But it's closer than it is far.


Stop Procrastinating - reclaim the little 5-10 minute windows that you used to waste scrolling through Instagram and invest them in something that's actually weighing on you. Get a head start.

Take Out the Biggest Bully First - when possible, pull off the bandage, so to speak, and conquer the most worrisome or unattractive stressors first. If you take out Goliath, the rest of the little stressors will feel trivial. 

Burn Calories, Not Midnight Oil - Use those endorphins to your advantage. If your mind is getting loud and distracting, crank out a good workout to even things out. A little lactic acid is a great thing.

Focus On the Impact, Not the Task - sometimes it's difficult to harness the motivation to cross off another task on your list. Especially if it's on the weekend or after work. We've found that when a task feels trivial, it helps to focus on its greater impact. Take for instance cleaning the garage. Yeah, rearranging trinkets in the garage may seem super annoying, but think about the relief you'll feel every time you pull in. That's a return on investment that gives back over and over, and one less stressor that'll stare you down every time you come home.

Natural Supplements - it's perfectly fine to call in reinforcement, but do yourself a solid and find a quality source. Instead of reaching for a beer, glass of wine or a vodka when you're feeling stressed out, try a natural alternative that's designed to help you refuel rather than just zone out.  Stress Away is our solution. Specially formulated with B and C-Vitamins, this (vegan-friendly) complex supports the body in times of physical and emotional stress.

Don't let anxiety hold you back this season! Show life who's boss and steer your stress toward productivity.