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5 Tips to a Healthier Digestive System!

  • 2 min read

As we enter the busy Holiday Season it is important as ever that we don’t put our digestive health on the back burner! Here are 5 super simple tips that will increase your overall health and well-being in these exciting but busy next few months!

Stay Hydrated: There is noting better for your digestive tract and overall health than water! Just like not eating enough fiber, drinking too little water can slow down the digestive system! The human body is made up over 55% water so it is important to be getting enough H2O!

Stay Active: Being physically active speeds up digestion, increases blood flow to all your organs, and stimulates muscles in the GI tract, helping your organs work more efficiently. It can even tone the walls of your colon! Aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day.  Just a quick 30-minute walk after work will do the trick!

Don’t Forget to Eat Fiber: Start increasing your daily intake of fiber and you will start to see the difference! Fiber helps keep everything moving smoothly in your intestines. It slows down the digestion process just slightly to increase absorption so the glucose in food enters the bloodstream, keeping your blood sugar at a more even level. Without fiber, you get the gas, gridlock, and occasional discomfort of constipation.  Add some raspberries to your morning yogurt and grab a handful of almonds to help boost your fiber intake!

Take your time: When eating your meals don’t rush, take time to chew each bite 20 times. When slowing down eating at mealtime you are giving your stomach plenty of time to properly digest the nutrients being eaten and it also allows your body and brain to adequately tell you when you are full! When we eat too fast we often over eat! Also avoid eating in front of the TV, as studies have shown that being distracted leads to overeating!

Eat your Fruits and Veggies: Include a broad spectrum of colorful fruits and vegetables, including dried fruits in your diet. They're packed with important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that provide a broad range of health benefits including enhancing your digestive health!

Keeping your Digestive System on tract is no easy feat, use these 5 simple yet effective tips to make our body run more smoothly during the busy next few months!