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Pure Advantage Amateur Athlete Performance Stack: Designed for Athlete Gains

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A true athlete stays the course.

Every rep. Every practice. Every lap. Every play. Every day.

And to feel and compete at your highest level, you need a supplement stack that's ready to go the distance. You need something designed to help you win. We're on your team.

Check out our Rush Sports Intermediate Athlete Stack, a trifecta of natural supplements and products that fuel your body with the best. This is a stack for PRs and gains. This is a package that goes hard. So if you're hoping to outwork the competition, crush the haters and squash the rivals, add Hydr8, MRP and Whey Advantage to your arsenal.

Hydr8 - A revolutionary sports drink from Pure Advantage formulated to keep you hydrated, replenished and energized whether you're putting in work or letting your body recover. Packed full of B Vitamins and carbs, this is one beverage that won't quit.

MRP - That's Meal Replacement Program, an all-natural, superior source of protein that's raising the bar for athletes of all shapes and sizes.

Whey Advantage - A great tasting, a low-fat and low-carb powder that's designed specifically for protein synthesis and sustained amino acid synthesis. In other words, fuel your muscles with the some of the best whey protein on the market.

Play harder, lift more, get stronger and fuel the inner warrior with Rush Sports. 

Try this and other high-performance products from our Pure Advantage lineup. From creatine blends to joint support, vasodilators and beyond, we're proud to offer athletes and trainers of all ages and stages the tools they need to reach the next level.