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The Importance of Supplementing While Stressed

  • 2 min read
You're not you when you're down. The stress builds and the anxiety swells and suddenly you find yourself stuck in a rut. Days get out of control, deadlines and pressures sneak up all around, and you resort to a fight or flight way of life.


The craziest thing is that it's nearly impossible to avoid stress these days. Parents clock off of work and clock into helping their kids with homework, students fight peer pressure and the challenges of growing up, and everyone struggles to fit more "me" time into the mix to focus on personal growth and health. We have apps that are supposed to make daily tasks simpler, cars that can nearly drive themselves, and gadgets and gizmos that promise to give us back lost time. And yet, more and more people are fighting to keep up, hiding upset stomachs, tension headaches, racing pulses and all the other crummy side effects of stress.

We believe the first step really is talking about it. The more we're all honest about the state of things, the less likely people are to battle the weight of stress alone. We really are stronger together, from support groups and accountability partners to workout buddies, meditation programs and more. When we're transparent about the clenches of stress on our society, our community grows bolder and more able to fight back.

But the next and equally important step is the individual decision to give your body a biological edge. Stress doesn't just hijack the brain, it compromises your body's natural processes and defense mechanisms. From shallow breaths and muscles tension, altered libido, hormonal fluctuations, high blood pressure and more, stress often has very unfavorable relations with the body. Sure, in a short sprint scenario, like giving an important speech or running away from an angry dog, stress can be vital in kicking your butt into gear, but these examples are often few and far between. Instead, chronic stress is debilitating us in our work and personal lives, depleting key vitamins and minerals along the way. The solution? We have to fight back with dietary supplements that replenish and restore these components. Our recommendation is to invest in Pure Vegan Stress Away and Vitamin B12 Spray

Here's why:

These Vegan-friendly products are chock full of B Vitamins that work to restore mental clarity, renew your body's natural energy processes and curb the side-effects of dealing with too much stress for far too long. Rather than crutch solutions like artificial energy drinks or alcohol, which merely offer temporary distraction before the crash or hangover, these natural supplements cut out all unnecessary additives and simply give your body what it craves in times of extreme stress or pressure.

When you pair quality products with quality relationships and a healthy lifestyle you can't lose. We can't lose. Yes, stress casts a mean shadow, but we're one step closer to beating it when we commit to beating it together.

Isn't it time we step out from the shadow and into the light?