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Happy National Women’s Health & Fitness Day!

  • 3 min read
If you've been following our blog you've likely picked up on a few things. First of all, it's nothing new, but we are head over heels for health, fitness and holistic wellness - it's pretty much in our DNA. Second, we recently shared that September is National Self Improvement Month and we invited all of our readers to commit themselves to physical and emotional growth. Perhaps most exciting about these two is the fact that they culminate on September 26th for National Women's Health and Fitness Day!

And while we agree, as many outlets will communicate, that wellness checks and doctor visits are well worth it for women, we've decided to focus our efforts, instead, on how all of our female readers can have a truly epic day full of fun, physical activity, and sisterhood!

1) Start with the women in your immediate family. Invite your sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, step sisters or sister-in-law or anyone else near and dear to participate on Wednesday and embrace the spirit.

2) Invite the women in your inner circle. 
Friends, neighbors, colleagues, other students in your class...anyone is game. Make sure every woman your encounter feels welcome, included and equally part of the action.

3) Try a new class or brush the cobwebs off of an old hobby. Find something communal that requires everyone to get on their feet. Whether you arrange a group Yoga session at a new studio, attend a spin class or just go for a hike, it's more fun together.

4) Flock to common spaces. Picture it now - 15 of the best women in your life all working out together in a public park, along a shared trail or before a workday. It's a beautiful statement to the world that you take your health, wellness and fun very seriously. And you never know who else it may inspire! 

5) Follow the beat instead of counting the calories. This may sound counter-intuitive but stay with us. Counting carbs, perfect form, and resisting cravings are all part of the game, but they can also distract on a day like this. Rather than getting caught in the weeds, make #NationalWomensHealthAndFitnessDay about the pure fun of breaking a sweat with the women you know and love. Let loose and have fun with your workout. Burn the calories while leaving your ego at the door!

6) Treat yourself to a delicious healthy meal. Make a group reservation after your workout at a fun restaurant. Order something natural. Try something colorful. Top it off with an Acai bowl or fruit smoothie. You've earned it!

7) Celebrate how far you've come. Let's face it - nobody is perfect. But that doesn't mean you get to rain on your own parade. Look in the mirror at some point in the day and speak words of affirmation to yourself. Remember your journey. Embrace your growth. Embrace your power. Embrace your beauty. There will never be another you. 

8) Do something adventurous that makes you feel alive! Is there a bucket list activity within reach that can end your day with a bang? Can you make it happen? 

You better take pics to prove it. #Skydiving, anyone?

After all, what's the point of all this health and wellness if you're not living out your dreams?

9) Wine has a lot of antioxidants. Go ahead, you deserve it. Pour a glass and clink glasses with your lady bosses.

How do you plan on celebrating this #NATIONALWOMENSHEALTHANDFITNESSDAY? Tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We'd love to share your story!