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Cracked, dead skin is not the look. Am I right? It's hard to get to the foot spa, especially in these times. So, I thought that I'd help bring the foot spa to you! I've never, personally, been a big pedicure fan to begin with. I'm fairly ticklish so getting a pedicure is like a horror movie for me. I looked into purchasing a foot scrub but they were all expensive and some of the reviews weren't really that awesome and the bottom line was, why spend money on something that doesn't even work? I toyed around with a few different DIY scrub ideas before I created the best scrub that made my feet feel baby smooth. I've also added this into my weekly self care routine so it not only makes my feet feel the softest they've ever been, but by making it and doing it myself, I'm hitting that self care energy that I so desperately need.