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Everybody Poops

Or so that's what they say. Many people have a harder time doing it than others. In fact, constipation is a common problem affecting an estimated 20% of the population.

Are we not getting enough fiber? Are we eating unhealthy? What's the challenge? Those are loaded questions and without speaking to a medical professional, who's to say what is going on with your specific situation. 

There are also a ton of remedies out there. Including the likes of laxatives, stool softeners, and fiber supplements like Daily Multi-Fiber. These are easy fixes, yes - but adding these simple foods to your daily to help with the longevity of staying regular.

So here's what we know about these foods. They're so tasty. They're easy to find at the grocers. And, they're easy to eat. Who doesn't love to eat delicious foods that give a better chance at having a good, smooth, and easy poop?

I know I do. 

I'm going to go over 7 actually tasty foods to add to your diet so that adding them is delicious, but also easy. 

Let's get into it. 

Can practicing yoga affect mental and physical health? It absolutely can. This article dives into 15 health benefits of yoga.
Finding relief from day to day stress can be easy to do once we assess the reasons why. By practicing these 10 easy ways to reduce stress, we can feel less anxiety, and feel better about daily things.

Cracked, dead skin is not the look. Am I right? It's hard to get to the foot spa, especially in these times. So, I thought that I'd help bring the foot spa to you! I've never, personally, been a big pedicure fan to begin with. I'm fairly ticklish so getting a pedicure is like a horror movie for me. I looked into purchasing a foot scrub but they were all expensive and some of the reviews weren't really that awesome and the bottom line was, why spend money on something that doesn't even work? I toyed around with a few different DIY scrub ideas before I created the best scrub that made my feet feel baby smooth. I've also added this into my weekly self care routine so it not only makes my feet feel the softest they've ever been, but by making it and doing it myself, I'm hitting that self care energy that I so desperately need.

"No green thumb, no problem" - is the motto that I live by. When I started my house plant journey, I can not tell you how many plants that I, to politely put it, murdered. At one point, my husband accused me of being the president of the Dead Plants Society. He thinks he's funny. Alright, he's a little funny. Little did we know that I, Lauren "why are all my plants dead?" Ferrell, would rise from the ashes to make the inside of my home an amazing urban jungle.

Starting out, I popped on Pinterest, like many of us do, and found a suggestion list of a few plants that bloggers guaranteed to me that I could not kill. Guess what - I killed my way through about 4 of those other blogger's lists before I finally spoke to someone at a plant nursery. So if this list doesn't work for you, chances are it's because the lighting and quality of my surroundings, are different than yours. When you're picking out your house plants - consider the light you need, the moisture you need, and your general lifestyle. I don't have a ton of natural light inside of my house, I am a mom on the go so I needed plants that I could basically forget I owned for a few days at a time, and I live in Arizona. It's super dry - all the time (Surprisingly though - I killed quite a few succulents despite having great conditions for them). If this list isn't your list- it's all good, a nursery plant expert will help you. Believe that.

At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves, is having a fun chewy vitamin more important than the actual nutrients that we are trying to get from vitamins? The answer is no. If you're serious about your vitamins and nutrition, we've composed a list of some great liquid and capsule vitamins so that you can be guaranteed that you'll receive all the nutrients you need from that amazing supplement you take each day. 

I know I am. It's tough enough to try and get your daily water intake, so I'm a huge fan of the sparkling kind. I know that I can, easily, reach the amount I need on a daily basis if it has just the right amount of carbonation. 

I thought that I would play around with some sparking water and NB Pure's Daily Multi-Fiber. Big fan of the fiber, HUGE fan actually. I'm an on the go, gotta pick up my kids, hard to find the time to eat all the fiber I need in a day, kind of lady. By the way, did you know that you need to eat 25-30 grams of fiber a day and that most people only successfully eat 15 grams (source WebMD)? If you add up your grams of fiber at the end of a normal day, and you're coming up short, you may want to look into adding a fiber supplement like NB Pure's Daily Multi-Fiber into your day to day nutritional line up. Let me, quickly, fill you in on the details of this notoriously popular and healthy Daily Multi-Fiber.

The health of your GI system goes above and beyond an upset stomach. Your GI is responsible for digesting food, absorbing nutrients, maintaining all the good bacteria levels, celebrating proper mucus sensitivity and it even helps with your overall immune support. Your GI is even helpful in serotonin production and other nervous system actions. We’ve narrowed down our gut products to help create the ultimate trio of products to help you get and maintain a healthy gut. We believe that these three products will help you the most effectively when used together. 
"When you up lift a woman, you aren't just lifting her, you are lifting her family and her entire community."⁠⠀
Powerful words spoken by our incredible founder and CEO Danna Pratte. Today is International Women's Day and we are celebrating her. She is no stranger to being a strong woman in the work place. She is a leader and a visionary to the entire team and the people she helps reach their wellness goals. Danna inspires and motivates, she leads and she listens, and she is fierce. Danna navigated a market that has been notated as being more male dominated, and came out a successful female entrepreneur. Today, Danna encourages other women to engage in the entrepreneurial spirit and she is thorough in supporting women in the work force. ⁠⠀
We love to see the positive impact she has created for women! Cheers to @dannapratte!🥳⁠⠀

vitamin D versus Vitamin C a comparison story. Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin, strengthens your skin, bones, and natural defenses, helps facilitate a normal immune system. Vitamin C: Can help ward off infections, helps boost absorption of other nutrients, fights free radical damage. Both: both are needed, safeguards our health and boosts immunity


It is vital to include vitamins and minerals in your diet and lifestyle. They help you fight off diseases and stay healthy. When we discuss the most helpful vitamins with doctors, Vitamin D and Vitamin C are often at the top of the list. Both vitamins are helpful for the human body. So what makes them so special? Vitamin C and Vitamin D are both illness fighting nutrients. They help safeguard your health and your immunity. We decided to compare the two. At some point, I'm sure you also wondered what make these two vitamins helpful and which one provides more benefits. Which one does a better job at keeping the infections away?

Let's get to the point, although both vitamins are important and do their own things individually, it's important to not be deficient in any of these. What happens if you're deficient in either of these? For a vitamin D deficiency, the signs are often subtle. Some symptoms include fatigue, increased frequency of colds and infections, mood swings, muscle pain, and many more. What about Vitamin C? A vitamin C deficiency looks a bit like this: rough bumpy skin, corkscrew shaped body hair, bright red hair follicles, spoon shaped fingernails, dry + damaged skin, easy bruising, painful joints, and others. 

So, let's discuss - what do these two supplements do?

Vitamin C has strength in fighting free radical damages, it gets rid of toxins, and promotes cellular function. It can also help boost absorptions of other nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, iron, folate, and vitamin D. 

Vitamin D, on the other hand, is the sunshine vitamin. It can strengthen your bones, your skin, and your natural defenses. 

When we look at the two side by side, which boosts immunity in a better way? The popular opinion would say Vitamin C, but studies have shown that it is actually vitamin D. It does a better job in going up against viruses and germs. Vitamin C is still purposeful in immunity boosting, but it can not be your only bet. 

When you're gearing up to pick up your supplements, consider getting them both. They both work well together and together, they fight off infections and viruses best as a team.  

Here is our recommendation for Vitamin D: NB Pure D3 Spray

Here is our recommendation for Vitamin C: NB Pure Zinc Up+ Spray.



Lots of ideas to help get you started on a practicing self care. Remember that it's about practicing whateverYOU need, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally. If practicing self care starts to feel like an obligation and less of a relief, it may be time to try a different method. The more you practice and make time for yourself, the less burn out days you'll experience.