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Spring Cleaning Your Body, Mind and Soul

  • 3 min read

Most of us set aside an entire weekend or longer this time of year to purge our home of clutter, waste and things that no longer hold their value. We've come to call it Spring Cleaning. Surprisingly, many of us clean the house without taking the time to do the same for our bodies. And while there are significant benefits that come with a tidy house, we believe all of our readers should use this season to reset more than their family rooms.

Join us as we embark on a few ways to Spring Clean the Body, Mind and Soul.

Step 1 - Marie Kondo the casa

If you haven't seen the Netflix series yet, do yourself a favor and binge before you clean. Marie Kondo's philosophy of a clean home boils down to ridding the house of anything that no longer sparks joy. It's pretty straightforward, but it's amazing how a little practice can impart so much freedom and clarity for those who participate. Start by cleaning your house and you may find that your headspace finds much more peace and calm along the way!

Step 2 - Clean the Mind

If you're taking the time to purge the house of things that no longer spark joy, it shouldn't be a stretch to do the same to your mind. Begin with bitterness. Are there thoughts or memories that have turned sour? Are their things that torment you or distort your perspective? Let them go. Move toward anger and negativity next. Are their beliefs or people you've let into your mind that trigger your frustrations? Set them free. Finally, is their sorrow, remorse or regret hiding deep within your recollection? Thank the memories for how they've helped you grow then send them on their way. It's time to start anew.

Replace all of these with thoughts of reflection, gratitude and confidence. Invest in music, literature and practices that flood your mind with positive thoughts and imagination so there's no room for negativity to creep back in and take hold.

Step 3 - Cleanse the Body

Whether it's been stress, poor diet or a lack of exercise, it's time you nurture your body and level set. Consider saunas and steam rooms that force you to sweat and rid your body of toxins. Explore batch bombs and therapeutic essential oils that calm and center you. Try out free YouTube yoga and mobility workshops to reclaim your flexibility and fitness foundation. You'll find that a clean mind and focused body can do wonders for your everyday life. 

Finally, rid your habits and cravings of artificial foods and sugar-packed sweets and return to food from the earth. Replenish your body with vital vitamins and nutrients for well-balanced benefits.

Step 4 - Remove Old Layers

Dry brushing and exfoliating old skin cells stimulates the integumentary system and can unlock a fresh new glow. If your skin's feeling dry, wintered or tight, this simple practice can rejuvenate your appearance and support the circulation of healthy blood flow to affected areas. You deserve to not only feel good, but look amazing too!

Step 5 - Restore Balance 

Now that you've consciously rid your daily life of negativity, toxins and other bad habits, find your balance with our gut cleanse supplement, Mago7. There's no better time to restore digestive and immune system balance with soothing herbs and botanicals. You may find that a healthy gut is precisely what you need. It's the perfect exclamation point to a beautiful Spring Clean of the Body, Mind and Soul.

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