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How To Pre-Plan for the Ultimate Spring Break

  • 3 min read

The countdown is upon us. The new year's been blowing by at lightspeed and spring break is roughly 30 days out! Have you connected with friends and family? Have you locked down a beach house, cabin or hotel? And dare we ask, have you kept up with your resolutions to get that dream body in top shape?

Whether you're still in the beginning phases of planning your trip or you've put it off altogether, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you make the most of the remaining time!

The Destination
What's a dream vacation without a beautiful backdrop? Sure, distant islands, black sand beaches and epic music festivals help, but you don't have to stop there. In fact, spring break destinations come in all shapes and sizes and you should think of a destination that makes the most sense for you. Perhaps you're into skiing so you prefer a mountain town. Or maybe the essence of spring break is all about getting some homecooked food from your hometown. Whatever the case may be, put some thought into where you can maximize your joy, recharge your energy and make some memories. And never rule out the tried and true Staycation if funds are tight or travel is out of the question. It can be just as rewarding!

The Crew
Your spring break crew is a huge factor. Good company can make or break a great trip, so think hard about who's joining you and choose wisely. It may sound a little formulaic, but an awesome crew blends people who have a shared appreciation for spontaneity, adventure, culture, cuisine, safety, exploration and rest. Obviously, everyone will be wired a little differently, and it's fun to travel with new people, but take stock of the people in your party and anticipate whether or not priorities and varying interests may become areas of conflict.

The last thing in the world anyone wants is an argument in paradise.

The Voyage
Are you flying? Driving separately? Caravaning? The voyage can quickly become the most memorable aspect of the entire Spring Break. If your timeline can spare the scenic route, take it! Some of the best dialogue and most unexpected memories are often associated with a wrong turn, a flat tire or a lost bag. Take everything in stride and be sure to embrace the spirit of the journey. 

At risk of sounding like a parent, DO be sure to communicate with someone back home about where you intend to be, for how long and by which route you'll likely be traveling. Print maps in case wi-fi isn't available and check the weather report before going anywhere new.

The Goods
Will you need beach towels or a snowboard? Who is packing the food? Can you still borrow his car? What name is the reservation under?

This is perhaps one of the most vital parts of pre-planning. Start the discussion early with those in your crew about what travel gear and resources you'll need for your trip. Be sure everyone has a shared understanding about what they're responsible for to ensure that you neither overpack nor forget key luggage. A simple Google Sheet is a great central resource for communicating and organizing such information since group texts often get distracting.

You may also want to consider breaking out a shared budget so everyone can pitch in to split the cost of the vacation. Anyone who's tried to retroactively figure out these numbers knows a few people end up footing a lot more of the bill than others. Avoid the hassle by getting a head start!

The Bod
Say it with us, "30 Days". That means you've got roughly a month to get your diet, fitness and lifestyle in check if you want to look and feel your best. You can't procrastinate any longer if you're thinking you'll have sound results. It's time to get cranking. Cut out the junk food that's snuck in. Find a gym partner. Prioritize your sleep and channel your inner warrior.

Get creative and leverage the warmer weather to both burn calories and build up that base tan. It's incredible what 30 disciplined days of hard work and a healthy diet can accomplish if you commit to cutting no corners.

Lastly, and again at the risk of sounding like your parent, please exercise responsibility and safety wherever you go. Drink responsibly, think clearly and travel wisely. 

Have a fantastic time!

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3) Stress Away - because who wants to bring their worries and anxieties along the journey?