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Spring Clean Your Lifestyle

  • 2 min read
Have you ever noticed how most people take of everything around them except for their own health? We take cars in for routine tune-ups, we embark on house-wise spring cleaning missions and we replace wardrobes. If that room feels outdated, we switch up the furniture or paint the walls. 

So how come we don't apply the same to our physical lifestyles and personal wellness?

We'd like to make the case that while all the above certainly have their merits, could it be even more beneficial to make changes from within? Could daily eating habits, exercise, and disciplines transform into more balanced, healthy and fruitful lives? If you're with us, you can guess where we're headed. It's time to spring clean your lifestyle. And we've got just the right inspiration to get you started!

Dust off old hobbies
If you can restore the beauty of those shelves and pictures on the wall, you can do surely brush the cobwebs off your old hobbies. Are there sports or events that used to help you de-stress from a long week? Did you belong to a team or club? Did that hobby also have the added benefit of conveniently burning calories?

Dust off your old hobbies this spring and dive back in. Healthy hobbies help clear the mind, restore emotional stability and can supply that feel-good endorphin buzz. Air up the tires. Lace up those shoes in the closet. Get back in the game!

Fresh ingredients daily
Many wonderful fruits and vegetables are ripe this time of year. Can you incorporate one into your breakfast each day? Perhaps a green smoothie or an oatmeal parfait? Toss processed foods aside for a season and commit to well-balanced meals that include fresh, natural ingredients for tangible health benefits.

If you can toss out unused clothes during your spring cleaning, you can part ways with some comfort foods, too.

Let the sun in
Don't just open up the windows, spend some time in the direct sunlight and heavy up on Vitamin D. If you're still in temperate weather and spring hasn't fully arrived, try our Vitamin D spray!

Invigorate your household with natural light and warmth that will give everyone a little hop in their step. Days are getting longer, so make the most of the extra sunlight and ween off of the Netflix binge!

Hibernate no more
After the rush of the holidays, lots of people subconsciously enter a hermit state to unwind and catch up. Socializing becomes a bit of a hurdle and many individuals fall into a cycle of eat, sleep, work. We drive home and close the garage door, exiting only when we have to - especially when the frigid temperatures and darkness of winter is in full effect.

Make spring a time to rekindle relationships and meaningful time together. "Thaw out", so to speak, and connect with neighbors and family. Arrange a picnic or backyard bonfire. Come out of hiding!

No matter how your winter's gone this year, change is in the air. Spring into action this season and make it the best one yet. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and you have everything it takes to present your best self ever.