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Clean out Gut Gunk for the New Year

  • 5 min read
If you’re like most of us, you probably indulged a little more than usual over the holidays. In fact, the holidays is prime time for relaxing diet rules, but all this holiday eating can wreak havoc on your gut.  


The prime culprit: sugar in every form: cookies, candy, cakes, and even high-sugar lattés loaded with whipped cream from your favorite barista. Too much sugar any time of the year can cause the gut to get out of balance, triggering everything from bloating and gas to constipation and even nausea. 


Now’s the time to wipe the slate clean—and get your gut (and your health) back on track. Consider it a New Year and a Healthier You. What can help: NBPure’s best-selling and fan favorite, MagO7. Here’s why it can help support your resolutions for the New Year. 


What is Ozonated Magnesium Oxide—and Why It Works 


All nutrients are important to live a healthier life, but magnesium is right there at the top of the list. This mineral impacts every aspect of the body—healthy muscles, nerve function, heart health, strong bones, and a powerful immune system. But it also keeps you regular; magnesium helps to boost the amount of water in the intestines, softening waste and keeping things moving down there. 


But not all magnesium is equal and not all types of magnesium work in the same way. 


Our proprietary form of ozonated magnesium oxide, the star ingredient in MagO7, brings oxygen and water into the intestines. (That’s what the “O” in MagO7 stands for.) These work together to break down hardened waste and promote bowel movements—without the cramping or bloating that often accompany other products. And what’s even better: it works overnight to get you regular. Take MagO7 before bed and you’ll have a bowel movement in the morning, pretty much guaranteed.  


Plus, our MagO7 also contains potassium, an essential mineral and electrolyte that helps maintain healthy fluid levels in the body and helps the muscles to contract (including in the intestines). It’s these contractions that are necessary to push waste out of the body. Needless to say, our proprietary mix of ozonated magnesium oxide along with potassium is what helps you have a bowel movement, without the usual cramping that comes from over-the-counter laxatives. 


What’s more: NBPure’s products go through stringent purity testing (we are sticklers for purity; if there’s the slightest thing we don’t like, we toss the ingredient out) and they’re non-GMO and they’re vegan. Seriously, what’s not to love?  


One of our customers, ceejay70, posted this amazon review: “After a lifetime of a pretty sluggish gut, & having tried dozens of things over the years for constipation (including colonics) - I’m just so relieved to have something that really does work for me.” And then Greg had this to say: “Great product. Would buy again and again!”  


7 Reasons to Use MagO7 in the New Year 


Thanks to NBPure’s own know-how and the thousands of five-star customer reviews, we put together a list of the top reasons why our loyal customers use MagO7 (and why we do too): 


        1. It helps relieve constipation. That feeling of being backed up and bloated is fixed with MagO7. In fact, this is the most common reason our dedicated fans take MagO7. It gives you the gentle assist (no cramping, gas, or bloating) that your gut needs to effectively clear out the waste in your intestines. Just take the capsules before bed and wake up to a natural bowel movement in the morning.

        2. You can take it as needed. Feeling all gunked up? Need a gentle assist after overindulging during the holidays? Take MagO7 and get regular, then use it again when you need it. It’s non-habit forming, which means you don’t need to take it every day to get results.

        3. It helps your gut get healthier. The gut, or microbiome as it’s also called, is ground zero for our health. It’s where 70% of our immune cells live so if the gut isn’t in balance and moving waste out regularly, this waste gets backed up and our immunity and health can suffer. Not to mention: we also just don’t feel great if we’re constipated.

        4. It helps relieve bloating. When you’re able to eliminate backed-up waste from your gut, your belly naturally slims down and the embarrassing and uncomfortable gassiness goes away.

        5. It works better than the alternatives. There are plenty of faux-ternatives as we like to call them: products that claim to get you regular, but don’t get the job done was well as MagO These include:

        Herbal laxative teas: We like drinking tea just like anyone else but drinking laxative teas to get more regular, well…we’re just not fans, for good reason. There are many herbs that are used as laxatives: senna, dandelion root tea, fennel, and slippery elm. The problem with many of these teas is, unlike MagO7, they may not be safe to use long term. And sourcing (where the tea comes from) and quality control are also issues. (China, Taiwan, India, Africa, and Sri Lanka are top sources of teas.) While MagO7 purity is constantly tested, retested and checked when it comes to many of these herbal teas, it’s buyer beware.  

        "Detox" Juices: Prune juice is the most common juice used for its laxative effect, but if you’ve ever tried prune juice, you know that there are no guarantees on how long it will take to work—or if it will. It can also cause cramping. And it has calories and plenty of fructose or natural fruit sugar. When you take MagO7 before bed, you’re pretty much guaranteed a bowel movement in the morning—sans calories and cramping, bloating, or gassiness. 

        Over-the-counter laxatives: These typically work by stimulating the inside of the colon to move waste through the intestines. The problem with these products is, unlike MagO7, they can be habit forming. You may find that you need to take them all the time to have a bowel movement, while MagO7 is non-habit forming. Simply take MagO7 when you need it.  

        6. It’s Vegan. No animal products are used in the creation of MagO7, or in the testing of MagO7, and won’t ever be. End of story.

        7. It’s non-GMO. All NBPure products are non-GMO because in our minds, there’s simply no room for genetically modified ingredients in products as natural and pure as ours.

              Try MagO7 Now 


              One other reason to use MagO7: NBPure has been around for 25 years and has a pretty good track record. We don’t like to boast, but our customers do love MagO7, which is why we’re a long-time fan favorite.