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How to Avoid Burnout

You love your job, but it demands a lot. You adore your family, but there's so much responsibility. The gym makes you feel alive, but this week took the life right out of you. You crave the holidays, but you just don't know if you can handle them right now.

You're not alone. At all. In the slightest.

So first things first, set yourself free. Let go of any guilt or bad feelings you might be harboring right now. It's important that you read this post with a present and open mind.

You're experiencing burnout.

And truth be told, anyone who does anything long enough is at risk now and again. And anything worth doing is going to require that you give a lot of yourself to the cause.

But the first step of fighting burnout is recognizing it's happening. So, there. We can check that box. And we can let out a sigh of relief because we can change this. We have our ways!

Set boundaries
Clock in and give your best. Clock out and recover. It's tempting to blur the lines, but the next thing you know, you're sending emails from your bedroom, preparing presentations in parking lots, taking calls from the bleachers, and then wondering why it feels like you can't find a safe place away from it all. You must master your devices and your time. You must learn that some things can, indeed, wait until tomorrow. And you must take time to do you.

Get lost
Pamper yourself. Be a stranger in a new coffee shop. Hike a mountain. Go off the grid. Don't disappear for good, but unplug for a day to recharge. It does the soul well to see that the world keeps spinning even if you need a personal day.

Ask for help or delegate
Take that world off of your shoulders. Use your team and its power. Take people up on their offers to cook for Thanksgiving or host that evening or carpool that day. You're a rockstar, but you don't have to be a superhero every single day. Give others a chance to step up.

Get deeper
Stress and anxiety do a number on the body. From compromising your immune system to disrupting healthy sleep patterns, it's important that you support your body through supplements that are up to the challenge. Consider Stress Away and Vitamin B12. Instead of flooding your system with caffeine and sugar that'll only trigger more stress symptoms, replenish your energy levels and curb your anxiety with natural means.

Laugh off the chaos
Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. Can you find the humor in the craziness? Do you know others who have braved similar waters? If they can make it out the other side smiling, so can you. But now's your chance to  ask them for any pro-tips.

Don't let burnout ruin a great thing. Try these tips out for speed!