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The Best News For Those Who Love Wine

  • 2 min read

Ahh, the blend, pinot, merlot.

Ohh, the sangria!

Zin, cab, rose'.

It's easy to fall in love with the world of fun wines. There are so so many to choose from. But it's also easy to feel a little guilty about loving them too much. Sure, there are empty carbs, and sugars and those pesky, sneaky hangovers, but a responsible wine drinker also knows some of the best news about this grape drink. Because the truth is, wine isn't that bad for you.

Check these out:

  1. Red wines are typically high in resveratrol, which has been known to fight off some bacteria and fungi.
  2. Some studies have also found that resveratrol supports a healthy heart.
  3. Healthy (responsible) wine consumption has been linked to a boost in  omega-3s
  4. Other compounds in red wines have been shown to improve vascular health.
  5. Cheeses taste even better with wine.
  6. A glass of wine at night is great to relax with and may help fight off the stresses of the day.
  7. Some research suggests that resveratrol may even combat certain colon cancers (though it's important to note that the consumption of alcohol has been traced to other cancer and diseases).
  8. Research from LMU found that the consumption of red wine may decrease the chances of dementia.
  9. Wines are full of antioxidants.
  10. Red wines may support healthy bone density thanks to their levels of silicon.
  11. Chocolate also tastes great with wine.
  12. That miracle component we keep talking about, resveratrol, may also help lower LDLs (cholesterol).

We could keep going, but we rest our case. Wine is pretty amazing. 

If you enjoy it as much, do yourself a favor and check out our LiverFend product. We won't officially say it was made for those who love the grapes, but we won't say it wasn't either. LiverFend is designed to support healthy liver function, you know, that organ that's largely responsible for breaking down your favorite drink. Unfortunately, wine is an intoxicant, so it's really important to make sure your body can properly detox between you uncork something new.

What's your favorite wine? And where do you like to pour a glass with friends or loved ones? Leave us a comment below!