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10 Quick Tips for Spring Break Recovery

  • 3 min read

10 Quick Tips for Spring Break Recovery 

It's that bittersweet time again when exotic beaches, mixed drinks, fun food and temporary freedoms subside for the grind. Spring break is over and it's back to real life. Back to real responsibilities, routines and the everyday hustle to look and feel your best.

And let's be honest, while spring break is full of all sorts of fun and games, it begs for a recovery plan after the fact. From indulging in a few too many beverages to getting scorched by the midday sun, losing sleep between travels and more, it helps to have a solid gameplan to reset in the days and weeks after you get home. 

To each their own, but here's our quick list of some best practices for getting back to feeling your best as quickly as possible and to ensure that awesome beach bod you worked so hard for all year makes it well into summer!

1) LiverFend - If spring break for you meant strong drinks and parties, be sure you've got the detox support you deserve. 

liver detox

2) Rest and Recharge - Don't try to enter the work week or school week on the caffeinated crutches of energy drinks and coffee. While they'll certainly give you a little pick-me-up, you'll tucker out and feel twice as tired in the long run. It's vital you give your system a chance to recover after the all-nighters, road trips, and layovers. Poor sleep can compromise your immunity and increase the likelihood of catching a pesky cold or worse.

3) If your break took you somewhere across the globe, it's a great idea to try our ParaEnd intestinal cleanse and detox. From water contaminants to undercooked meats and other microbial that you may have been exposed to in your travels, this product helps restore intestinal balance through all-natural botanical blends.

ParaEnd Intestinal Cleanse and Detox

4) Support Your Skin - Try an aloe or lotion product that helps heal any sunburns or skin irritation that you may have developed over spring break. 

5) Crave the Cardio - If you're pressed for time as you get back into the swing of things and can't bring yourself to wake up early for the gym, prioritize an aerobic activity or high-cardio exercise like running or swimming. Even a 15-minute session can help you sweat out toxins, clear your head and reap the energy and mood boost of endorphins.

6)  Go Green - Binge a little too much on fried foods or sweets? Try a simple green juice or smoothie program at home. It'll not only help you detox, but support a healthy metabolism, restore regularity and revitalize. Go for leafy greens and your favorite fruits for a delicious blend.

7) Don't Skip the Electrolytes - Sodas, cheap energy drinks and alcohol can leave you feeling extremely dehydrated and imbalanced. After an occasion like spring break, it's really important that you replenish your body with quality vitamins and electrolytes like those found in Hydr8

8) No Excuses - Holidays and vacations are the ultimate disruptions when it disciplined fitness routines. If you were dialed into a great routine before spring break, don't delay in getting back to it when you return home. Schedule your first workout as soon as you can and maintain momentum!

9) Break the Bank? - Most people go all in on spring break, From travel costs to entertainment and spontaneous adventures, the dollars can really add up. Be sure you take an honest look at where things stand and re-commit to your financial plan. Money is a leading stress factor and emotional stress can play a big part in physical health and wellness. Besides, it's time to start saving again for next year!

10) Revisit the Memories & Plot the Next Outing - Now that you're back home and plugged into the norm, it's time to savor the photos and memories of your incredible spring break. If there are friends or family that embarked on the experience with you, keep the excitement going forward by challenging each other to some sort of fitness or diet concept. Maybe the winner gets to choose next year's awesome destination or perhaps you all just look and feel your best all year round.