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10 Gifts for the Nurse in Your Life That Are Always a Hit

  • 2 min read

written by Lauren Curl-Ferrell on May 4, 2021. 


Whether you're celebrating their birthday, a holiday, or National Nurses Day, showing them some gift love is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them. 

When someone becomes a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner, it is more than a job for them - it becomes their lifestyle.

We asked our nurse community and friends what their idea would be of a great gift, and they gave us these 10 gift ideas.

Find something on the list, and enjoy watching the nurse in your life smile. 


1. Stethoscope ID Tags

A great way to personalize the stethoscope that hangs from your favorite nurse's neck! We found these examples above at this Etsy link. 

stethoscope id tags


2. Compression Socks

Nurses need good circulation too! We love the FIGS brand. You can find these at this link


3. Stress Away

This is the perfect way to help alleviate any stress that comes from being a nurse. Also, Stress Away is made from all natural ingredients and packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex. All things that nurses love.

the best anti stress supplement

4. A New Coffee Mug

Coffee tends to be fuel for those nurses that are working long shifts. Why not give them something that makes them feel good while they're drinking the coffee that keeps them going. We found this one at this link


5. Hand Cream

How often do nurses have to wash their hands? The answer is limitless. Hydration is key and nurse's go through a lot of hand cream to help with the dryness that comes from frequent hand washing. The number one choice for hand cream can be found at this link

6. Power Down

Sometimes the stress of the day keeps nurses up at night, and when we polled them and asked if they could benefit from a melatonin non habit forming sleep aid, the answer was a hard yes. Check out Power Down

7. Medical Pocket Organizer

There's nothing worse than an unorganized pocket. Keep your favorite nurse organized with this handy pocket organizer. Who knew that practicality would make such a fantastic gift? We found this one here.

8. Spa Day

This one is pretty self explanatory. Nurses use every bone and muscle in their body every day, not the mention they go through a lot mentally. Gifting them a relaxing spa day is always a win. Pair this gift with some of the Stress Away and you may be on to something. 

9. New Shoes

These Clove Shoes are easy to clean and fluid resistant. Not to mention the comfort is out of this world. Find them here.

10. Jewelry

Whether it's a watch, or a cuff link, or a bracelet, this is a great way to let the nurses in your life know they're special. Our nurse poll takers loved this one and here's the link


We know the nurses in your lives will just adore these gifts because these are all nurse approved. Celebrate them with a kick butt gift so they can kick butt saving lives.