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It’s good for your health for more reasons than you probably even realize. Oral aloe vera supplements have been associated with key health benefits - potentially making it the next big trend in wellness.
  • 3 min read

These are a few of my favorite things.

Cake. Candy Canes. Sprinkles. Yep- I'm here for it. ESPECIALLY if it's got protein and nutrients in it. 

The holiday season tends to disrupt my normal diet. I've been on a slow and steady health journey over the last year and I'd like to keep myself going strong, even during my weakness: HOLIDAY TREAT SEASON.

Over this past year, I made a really great and simple healthy cake pop recipe that I keep revisiting with different toppings and tasty accessories. So when I was brainstorming which dessert to have in the refrigerator for my sweet tooth this season, using this recipe was a no brainer. 

  • 3 min read

There's Something About Gingerbread That Puts Me In The Holiday Mood

The smell. The taste. The coloring. For me - anything gingerbread is a sign that the holiday's are coming. 

I've been on this healthy treat kick for a few months now. For me, I can't help but over indulge during the holiday season. I adore all the foods, drinks, and desserts that come with the winter months. I'm also aboard a "get healthier" train so this years treats and recipes are all coming from a healthier stand point. 

If there's a way that I can enjoy my favorite holiday treats but the healthier versions of them - I'm going to do it. 

And that’s where these gingerbread protein energy balls come into play. 

  • 4 min read

A well-balanced and nutritious diet has many benefits.

On the other hand, a diet lacking in nutrients may cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

These symptoms are your body’s way of communicating potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Recognizing them can help you adjust your diet accordingly.

This article reviews the 8 most common signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how to address them.

  • 7 min read

Below you'll find out gut health help 101 basics. 

These are some simple tweaks (and additions!) you can make to your day to day routine that your gut microbes will love. This in turn, will make for a better gut health.

  • 6 min read

Say Hello to Easy Mornings!

Overnight oats are amazing for busy mornings. They can be made ahead of time. They're super easy to prepare. You can enjoy them on the go and they'll keep your hunger satisfied until lunch time.

I think my favorite thing about overnight oats is that they're never boring. The base of this recipe is incredibly versatile. You can add whatever kind of fruits, spices, or toppings you have in your kitchen. 

  • 4 min read
The physical, hormonal and psychological changes that women go through during menopause are known sleep disruptors causing you to wake up on the wrong side of bed all too often. But there are things you can do that may help.
  • 3 min read

The Connection Between Gut Health and Hormones Everyone in Menopause Should Know  

Gut health, also known as, the microbiome. It is a very hot topic right now. It wasn't until a few years ago that scientists started creating a connection between the gut and female hormones. 

  • 5 min read

These Oreo Protein + Energy balls only have 6 ingredients in it, all of them are gluten free, and they're ready to eat in just a few minutes. 

Great for after school or even for an after sports snack. Perfect for that mid day sweet craving and packed with protein. 

These are as healthy as protein balls come, and they’ll be a great ace to have up your sleeve. Keep these in the fridge and pop one when you need it. Get energized while giving your body the protein it needs!

  • 3 min read

The perfect grab and go breakfast or snack!

Eating a muffin in the morning is a prime breakfast moment. The fact that these have protein in them makes them a 10 for everyone who eats them.

These blueberry protein muffins are packed with plant protein, use whole wheat flour, and no oil. You can substitute for gluten free flour if you need to and substitute to make it 100% vegan as well. 


  • 5 min read

Zinc is a nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body.

The human body does not naturally produce zinc. Because it is a very important nutrient, you must obtain it through supplements or through food.

This article will explain everything that you need to know about zinc. It has the medical data attached to it as well. It discusses the functions and health benefits. 

  • 5 min read

My Soul's Had Enough Chicken Soup, Now It Wants Chocolate


Chocolate is the happiness you can eat. Is there any better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than a brownie? The fact that this recipe is for a protein brownie makes it even better.

The addition of protein to this recipe makes this a brownie you can eat whenever you want. Brownie for breakfast? Absolutely. Brownie for afternoon snack? Sure can. Brownie whenever. 

  • 2 min read
This recipe mega healthy, but it's also filling and satisfying. It can be made to be gluten free, and it's nut free. This recipe takes 2 mins to prep and make and then a simple 15 minutes in the oven. It contains rolled oats, banana, honey, nut milk, an amazing protein powder that has digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics built right into it, vanilla, baking powder, and maple syrup for sweetness. You can also add as many sprinkles as your heart desires - or if you don't want to, don't. This tastes amazing even without the sprinkles. 
  • 4 min read

Tastes like a Reese’s peanut butter cup but way better! 

100% vegan, packed full of protein, omegas, and pre and probiotics.

  • 1 min read