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Why Cleansing Your Liver is Important and How To Clean It.

  • 2 min read
written by Lauren Curl-Ferrell

Can we take a moment to just say thank you to our livers? Dang, they really do a TON of work for our health so let's just give it up to them. It is the workhorse of your digestive system and, woah does it work hard. A liver is the size of a football and it's the second largest organ of your body (the first being the skin). More impressive than it's size, is it's functionality. Did you know that it does 500 jobs to keep the body healthy? FIVE HUNDRED. Yeah, this 3 pound organ is definitely an MVP candidate. The most important of the jobs are all metabolic. Everything that you consume, your liver filters it and decides what to do with it. 

It's an intelligent organ.

It knows when to take the toxins out of the body via urine or bowel movements. It knows when to store the nutrients and when to release them back in to the blood. It knows how to keep the amount of sugar in the bloodstream content. It breaks down foods that are eaten and converts them to extra carbohydrates and proteins that are stored for later. It also synthesizes other fats, like cholesterol. It helps create bile to break down and absorb fats and then helps remove them via a bowel movement. It knows that when the body is digesting food, to take the sugar from the blood and store it as glycogen (glycogen is converted to glucose, which in turn adds the right amount of good energy into the bloodstream for the cells to use.) Once that's stored, the liver creates glucose from other carbs and forms of protein. 

Not to mention that it breaks down old, and damaged blood cells. It helps store iron and other vitamins so that when they fall below what is needed, they have back up. It also helps with releasing the plasm needed to clot blood. 

So, yeah, you can say it's pretty important. 

liver detox

How do we keep it healthy?

Well, aside from eating a healthy diet and doing our best to avoid alcohol consumption. You can clean that smart organ filter with Liver Fend. Imagine if you never cleaned your air filter in your home and what that would look like for your air quality. It's the same with your liver. Sometimes you've got to cleanse it so that it works at the best strength it can with your body. Liver Fend is an all-natural blend of powerful botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals that pack beneficial cleansing properties and support from oxidative stress. It's a comprehensive approach to liver health backed by the latest scientific research.

If you're trying to get your health back on track, lose weight, and or rid your body of toxins, a liver cleanse may be the push you need in the right direction to reach your health goals easier. 

Keeping your liver happy can be easy to do with the right tools and knowledge for what works best for you!